Everybody, I am so SORRY for being such a BAD blogger- but it has just been CRAZY for me since I came home... Today I've been home exactly two weeks, and to be honest; it actually feels like I never left. I've just been crazed with meeting friends, hanging out with my family and celebrating my 20th birthday.

I've been spending my days at our summerhouse with my parents, my little sister, my aunt and uncle and my cousins, and it has been great! We've had a heat wave, so I haven't been as cold as I thought I would be when returning to my mother land, and that is of course very cool. I am now sitting on my porch at home with my new Macbook that my parents gave me for my birthday, while waiting for my sister to come home so that I can do some washing of clothes. Later today I am meeting my best friend Caroline, and we are going to her place to hang out, talk and update each other. I can't wait! She went to some place very hot two days or something before I came home, so this will be the first time I see her since I came home. It will be FAN-FUCKIN'-TASTIC! Now I have to go and put a load in the washing machine for my mother, so you guys will have to satisfy yourselves with this for now. I will be back, stronger than ever! (When I can find the time between updates of course....)

Love and hugs and big kisses,
a happy homecoming Frenchie <3