Last this, last that and only 3(!) more days to go...

Park Cabirol <3
Klara, the Swedish babe! <3

Well people, I am now on my last wednesday here in France. I've had my last Monday and my last Tuesday, and the only things left now are the last Thursday, last Friday(with the last cleaning!) and to get on that plane!

Monday and Tuesday were good days. Monday I had my last French course and then a last coffee at Airbus Café, and then I was in the house waiting for Gerome to come home. Went home to Aylin later that evening, and we went for a walk. I'm gonna miss that girl! Tuesday I went to IKEA with Rachael, and then we bought sandwiches that we took with us to the park Cabirol, were we ate in the sun. I picked up Morgan, and when we came home I made another batch of Cinnamon rolls. To the family's great happiness... At 20:30 I met Klara in the park Cabirol for a last walk around it with her. It was a really nice walk, and I was sad to see the end of it. Cause, as Klara reminded me, that was our last walk in the park... Today, I picked up Morgan at school at 11:30 and then we got a ride home with Rachael. the dad came home not very much later and then he took both Morgan and Gerome with him to the doctor to get a health certificate for them. So now I am just waiting for them to come back so I can take Gerome with me to the dentist in Toulouse, and then go to Meike's place. =) So far it's been some nice last days. And now that my departure is SO close, I am allowing myself to really look forward to going home... And I am soaring of happiness when I think about the fact that in only THREE days I get to hug my family! 

The rest of my last week I am doing an assortment of different things; tomorrow I am inscribing Morgan at the swimming pool, and then I am going to Anna's place with the other au pairs for a lunch. then I am picking up Morgan from school, and we are going to go home. Then, in the evening after dinner I am going to Aylin for a last evening. Friday I am cleaning (comme l'habitude...) and then I think I am picking up Morgan from school. In the evening those who can are coming to say goodbye to me, and then I am having a goodbye barbecue with the family. And then on Saturday I'm waking up at 08:00 to be able to go over and say a real goodbye to Aylin, and then the dad and the kids are driving me to the airport I think... No I've got to dash, because they are back from the doctor's, and I'm going to Toulouse for the last time...

a busy last timing Frenchie<3

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