La Garonne at night... Something I won't see for a while.

Had my last sleep-over at Meike's place on wednesday. I'll never sleep there again... 
Group picture from my last night out in Toulouse. I don't know when I'll do that again...
Have said goodbye to Silla, and i seriously don't know when I'll see her again...

Sorry about not being a very good blogger lately, but I just hadn't had the time! my last week in France has been so filled with things and people that I have been totally crevée(exhausted) when I've come home to the house. But now, my last day is here. I have cleaned the house for the last time, and I have ironed the clothes for the last time. And what a great feeling it is to be able to say the words "cleaning" and "ironing" together with the phrase "last time"! Never again! HURRA!

Yesterday was the last time I picked up Morgan from school, and all the mothers hugged me goodbye and gave me all their best wishes for my studies and my life. So nice. Thursday I was at Anna's house for a goodbye lunch for me, and then I got to say a real goodbye to all the other girls there. Yesterday I was also over at Aylin's house, and there were Aura, Maya og Julia too. they invited me to sleep over, so then I did that. We went to a friend's house, Damien, where the boys taught us girls how to play Texas Hold'em and we swam in Damien's pool. I think we went to bed at around two in the morning or something. This morning I woke up at nine thirty, and had to say goodbye to the girls before heading over here to do the cleaning. And now I'm done. All my bags are completely packed, and I am ready to go home. this evening the family are throwing a barbecue dinner for me, to say goodbye sort of, and then tomorrow in the morning the dad and the kids are driving me to the airport... Shit, my year in France is over! But seriously, this year has been a great experience. I've grown a lot, I've made a bunch of great friends for life, and I've learned a lot about everything, including myself. But now I do feel that I am done with France and that the raist of my life awaits me in Norway. But first, I have 6 hours at STARBUCKS to look forward to at the Brussels airport tomorrow! I will be bouncing off the walls after all that coffee... Oh.My.God! =P 

From a Frenchie who is done in France and who is looking forward to come home <3

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Karianne Lopez sa...

Åh, jeg feller nesten tårer. Det må være kjempe rart å si hade til det og dem som har vært hverdagen og livet ditt i ett år. Tipper det blir godt å komme hjem igjen, men må være trist å la alt gå. Gud så merkelig. Jeg skaper jo mitt egent liv her i England nå, og det kommer til å være rart å bare forlate det. Håper du får se vennene dine igjen, mange ganger! Gode venner var evig vet du:) Klemtildeeeg<3

Klara sa...

Nooooo, don't leave us! What shall we do without u two whole weeks? But I'm happy for you honey, how was Starbucks? How is it being back home?
See you soon! Mille Bisous

Anonym sa...

Hi Ida,

I have been wondering how to make contact with you.
It is Rachael, carl and Peter calling.
Lots of things have been happening here.
Carl and Peter spent 6 weeks away in Turkey and Sweden. Peter looks amazing. He has grown so tall.
Carl now has two braces.
We have moved to Tournefeuille.
It turned out to be a traumatic move courtesy of M. Ney.
You must be starting university soon. How was your trip to Majorca for your father's birthday?
How was your own birthday party?
Make contact, you have my email address.