I am wet. No, correction; I was wet. Very wet. After eating lunch, Morgan decided that she and I had to have a water fight, because it was warm in the weather and she was bored. So, we changed into our bathing suits and went into the garden. We turned on the hose, and I almost died of cold shock when she hit me with the water the first time. I'd forgotten how cold that water is! Oh man, not very comfortable in the beginning. But Morgan had fun at least, which is the main thing here(because, as an au pair I have to think about what is best for the KIDS, not myself...) I think we ran around for about half an hour splashing each other until I said that enough was enough, and that we would get pneumonia if we didn't quit while the game was good... (truth is, I was cold and had had enough, but I can't really say THAT to her though, can I?) Anyway, now I am going down to prepare the snack that she and I are taking with us to the park. Cause we need a little walk today too. It will be nice I think =)

Keep on enjoying your wednesday everybody! Oh, and only 10 days until I am coming home... That's not much!

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