Cleaning and "Kanel i svingene"

These are not the ones I made, but mine looked almost like this when they came out of the oven!

Now I only have one more time to clean this place before I come home. I am returning to Norway in 8 days now. Tomorrow I only have one more week left here. That is weird! But, as Ayilin said, we are not saying "good-bye", we are saying "see you later". Which suits me just perfectly! Now, back to my very productive day;
I was supposed to get up at nine, but I had next to no sleep the other night because I was coughing so much, so I just sort of snoozed my way into ten thirty instead. But, when I first got up and out of bed, I did a lot! I cleaned the house and ironed all the clothes first. then I had some sort of coffee and a little lunch outside in the sun, before I again ventured inside to make Kanel boller. Now, this is something that I have not seen here, but I know that they have them elsewhere. I believe the closest name I could give them in English is cinnamon buns. Anyway, it's very very good. And I made a LOT of it! one batch for the family, one batch for my French course on monday, and one batch for the evening tonight at Paul's place. So you could say that today I was really lining into the role as a 50's house mum... And I am not embarrassed to say that I liked that feeling. Cause I love to bake! 

Now, the kids are here and I am left to wait for the parents to come home, so I can go home to Ayilin to get ready. Can't wait to get to the soirée chez Paul this evening. It's going to be both nice and a little sad, because it'll be the last time I will see most of them... But hey, I am going to do my best to just ENJOY the evening! (which shouldn't be so hard because they are all great people!)

I hope you all have a grrrreat weekend!

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