La Garonne at night... Something I won't see for a while.

Had my last sleep-over at Meike's place on wednesday. I'll never sleep there again... 
Group picture from my last night out in Toulouse. I don't know when I'll do that again...
Have said goodbye to Silla, and i seriously don't know when I'll see her again...

Sorry about not being a very good blogger lately, but I just hadn't had the time! my last week in France has been so filled with things and people that I have been totally crevée(exhausted) when I've come home to the house. But now, my last day is here. I have cleaned the house for the last time, and I have ironed the clothes for the last time. And what a great feeling it is to be able to say the words "cleaning" and "ironing" together with the phrase "last time"! Never again! HURRA!

Yesterday was the last time I picked up Morgan from school, and all the mothers hugged me goodbye and gave me all their best wishes for my studies and my life. So nice. Thursday I was at Anna's house for a goodbye lunch for me, and then I got to say a real goodbye to all the other girls there. Yesterday I was also over at Aylin's house, and there were Aura, Maya og Julia too. they invited me to sleep over, so then I did that. We went to a friend's house, Damien, where the boys taught us girls how to play Texas Hold'em and we swam in Damien's pool. I think we went to bed at around two in the morning or something. This morning I woke up at nine thirty, and had to say goodbye to the girls before heading over here to do the cleaning. And now I'm done. All my bags are completely packed, and I am ready to go home. this evening the family are throwing a barbecue dinner for me, to say goodbye sort of, and then tomorrow in the morning the dad and the kids are driving me to the airport... Shit, my year in France is over! But seriously, this year has been a great experience. I've grown a lot, I've made a bunch of great friends for life, and I've learned a lot about everything, including myself. But now I do feel that I am done with France and that the raist of my life awaits me in Norway. But first, I have 6 hours at STARBUCKS to look forward to at the Brussels airport tomorrow! I will be bouncing off the walls after all that coffee... Oh.My.God! =P 

From a Frenchie who is done in France and who is looking forward to come home <3


Last this, last that and only 3(!) more days to go...

Park Cabirol <3
Klara, the Swedish babe! <3

Well people, I am now on my last wednesday here in France. I've had my last Monday and my last Tuesday, and the only things left now are the last Thursday, last Friday(with the last cleaning!) and to get on that plane!

Monday and Tuesday were good days. Monday I had my last French course and then a last coffee at Airbus Café, and then I was in the house waiting for Gerome to come home. Went home to Aylin later that evening, and we went for a walk. I'm gonna miss that girl! Tuesday I went to IKEA with Rachael, and then we bought sandwiches that we took with us to the park Cabirol, were we ate in the sun. I picked up Morgan, and when we came home I made another batch of Cinnamon rolls. To the family's great happiness... At 20:30 I met Klara in the park Cabirol for a last walk around it with her. It was a really nice walk, and I was sad to see the end of it. Cause, as Klara reminded me, that was our last walk in the park... Today, I picked up Morgan at school at 11:30 and then we got a ride home with Rachael. the dad came home not very much later and then he took both Morgan and Gerome with him to the doctor to get a health certificate for them. So now I am just waiting for them to come back so I can take Gerome with me to the dentist in Toulouse, and then go to Meike's place. =) So far it's been some nice last days. And now that my departure is SO close, I am allowing myself to really look forward to going home... And I am soaring of happiness when I think about the fact that in only THREE days I get to hug my family! 

The rest of my last week I am doing an assortment of different things; tomorrow I am inscribing Morgan at the swimming pool, and then I am going to Anna's place with the other au pairs for a lunch. then I am picking up Morgan from school, and we are going to go home. Then, in the evening after dinner I am going to Aylin for a last evening. Friday I am cleaning (comme l'habitude...) and then I think I am picking up Morgan from school. In the evening those who can are coming to say goodbye to me, and then I am having a goodbye barbecue with the family. And then on Saturday I'm waking up at 08:00 to be able to go over and say a real goodbye to Aylin, and then the dad and the kids are driving me to the airport I think... No I've got to dash, because they are back from the doctor's, and I'm going to Toulouse for the last time...

a busy last timing Frenchie<3


So long Aussie <3

Well, it's happened; I had to wave goodbye and see Silla move further and further away from me, not knowing when I was going to see her again. I mean, I knew we would have to say goodbye SOME DAY, but not that it was going to come so quickly nor that I was going to feel THAT sad. Silla, thanx for being the ultimate party friend, and thanx for all our conversations, hugs and eye to eye coordinations on a late night home from Shanghai ;) Thanx for opening up your home and letting me in, and thanx for being exactly you! I will miss our nights out and your presence, and most of all I will miss everything we did together! Thank you for a great parting gift, it will forever be with me! I love you, and I am SO coming to Oz when you get your cute little ass over there! ;) Gotta get that other half you know ;) <3

All the last times...

The girls during my last night out in Toulouse... <3

Well, it's started. Now I am doing and seeing things for the very last time. The first thing was going into Toulouse for my last weekend with the girls. Saturday I made my way into Toulouse and went to Silla's place. The other girls had gone to a ballet, so I was alone in her apartment for about an hour, which meant that I had the time to sort of get ready. When the others came we went out in the nice weather and got an iced coffee before we went to a park nearby. It was really warm and the sun was shining, and we just had such a good time. After a couple of hours, we went to the shopping mall called "St George's" , and there Silla and Klara went to get some wine while Meike and I went to New Look to browse the clothes there. I ended up buying nothing, but Meike got some really cute stuff. When she had burned her card a little we went back to Silla's place, fixed ourselves a little and then went out to eat. We found a little Chinese restaurant after a little bit of walking, and ended up having a great time there with really good food. At around 23:00 we went back to Silla's place for a little wine, and then we made our way to De Danu. Unfortunately the place was kind of empty, so we walked on the Frog and Roast beef, which was better. We had a blast dancing there for a while and talking to some people, but after a while we decided to go to Mr. Carnival. The place wasn't as great as I'd thought it would be, but we had fun. We danced to a LOT of great songs, and were back at Silla's place around 05:00 in the morning I think. 

On Sunday we woke up around 12:00 I think, and then we sort of hurried up to get out, because the weather was so nice. We went to get something to drink and eat, and then we went back to the same park were we had been sitting on Saturday. And there we ended up playing cards for about 5 hours. SO much fun, and we didn't even feel the time passing! After a while it started raining a little, so we went to a café to get a coffee. Eventually the rain stopped and the sun came back out from the clouds, so then we went to the river and sat there for a couple of hours. Around 19:30 we figured it would be smart to be getting back, so we started moving. And then I realized that I had to say goodbye to Silla! And that was SO sad, I even cried a little... The sad thing is that I know when I'll meet Klara and Meike the next time, but I have no idea when I'll see Silla next! So weird to say goodbye to her and knowing that I wouldn't be able to see her again for who knows how long... So, Meike, Klara and I made our way to the metro station and took the metro to Arenes, and then Klara and I took the train from there to Colomiers. I was back at the house around 21:30 something I think, which was perfect. I got to talk to the family a little, and then I went up to take my shower and then I tumbled into bed, exhausted... But this was really a great last weekend, even though it meant that I had to say goodbye to Silla...

Today(monday that is) I woke up at 07:30 to go to my French class, and I had made some "Kanelboller" (cinnamon rolls) to take with me. I got to the class, and there Klara had brought something too and also the gift to our French teacher from her and me. We had been in Toulouse the other weekend and bought a water mug which we later painted with out names and flags and a little message to her. And she was so happy when she got it! Which was very good of course... The course itself was perfect, and we just talked and talked and talked. And then, in the end, Simone (our teacher) started picking us out one by one and telling our praise in front of all the others. And she was so sweet! then, when the course was over and I had to go, she really hugged me and said that she was so happy to have had he chance to meet me and get to know me, and that she hoped I would have a nice life and a lot of good experiences in life. SO cute! Then, as normal, Klara and I went to meet Meike for a coffee at Airbus, and it then hit me that this would be the last time I would go to Airbus with the girls! That was a sort of weird feeling... After coffee Meike drove me back to the house, where I started packing. I am a person who needs a little bit of time with my packing, otherwise I am sure that I will forget something, so now almost all my clothes and things are packed into suitcases. It's kind of sad to look around at the bare walls and thinking about the fact that I will be leaving in only 5 days, but at the same time now I can't wait to get home and to hug my family... I still have some more "last times" left, but they have definitely started. And I've figured out that I am completely OK with that. I don't mind having "last times" cause I know that throughout my life I will have a lot of "first times" again. And that sort of adds it all up...

And I just have to say this; When the girls got home from the ballet, Silla gave me a bag saying that it was my parting gift. Inside there was a metal frame from Australia with kangaroos on it, and inside there was a picture of her and me. Then she told me to turn it around and open the frame. So I did as she said, and inside on the back there was half a card. The card said that I had to come to Australia and visit her to get the other half of the card, and that she now had a sure reason for me to come visiting her. So cute! So now I just have to wait for her to get her little ass home so I can go and visit her! :D <3>

I hope you all had a great weekend too!
a packing Frenchie<3


Cleaning and "Kanel i svingene"

These are not the ones I made, but mine looked almost like this when they came out of the oven!

Now I only have one more time to clean this place before I come home. I am returning to Norway in 8 days now. Tomorrow I only have one more week left here. That is weird! But, as Ayilin said, we are not saying "good-bye", we are saying "see you later". Which suits me just perfectly! Now, back to my very productive day;
I was supposed to get up at nine, but I had next to no sleep the other night because I was coughing so much, so I just sort of snoozed my way into ten thirty instead. But, when I first got up and out of bed, I did a lot! I cleaned the house and ironed all the clothes first. then I had some sort of coffee and a little lunch outside in the sun, before I again ventured inside to make Kanel boller. Now, this is something that I have not seen here, but I know that they have them elsewhere. I believe the closest name I could give them in English is cinnamon buns. Anyway, it's very very good. And I made a LOT of it! one batch for the family, one batch for my French course on monday, and one batch for the evening tonight at Paul's place. So you could say that today I was really lining into the role as a 50's house mum... And I am not embarrassed to say that I liked that feeling. Cause I love to bake! 

Now, the kids are here and I am left to wait for the parents to come home, so I can go home to Ayilin to get ready. Can't wait to get to the soirée chez Paul this evening. It's going to be both nice and a little sad, because it'll be the last time I will see most of them... But hey, I am going to do my best to just ENJOY the evening! (which shouldn't be so hard because they are all great people!)

I hope you all have a grrrreat weekend!



I am wet. No, correction; I was wet. Very wet. After eating lunch, Morgan decided that she and I had to have a water fight, because it was warm in the weather and she was bored. So, we changed into our bathing suits and went into the garden. We turned on the hose, and I almost died of cold shock when she hit me with the water the first time. I'd forgotten how cold that water is! Oh man, not very comfortable in the beginning. But Morgan had fun at least, which is the main thing here(because, as an au pair I have to think about what is best for the KIDS, not myself...) I think we ran around for about half an hour splashing each other until I said that enough was enough, and that we would get pneumonia if we didn't quit while the game was good... (truth is, I was cold and had had enough, but I can't really say THAT to her though, can I?) Anyway, now I am going down to prepare the snack that she and I are taking with us to the park. Cause we need a little walk today too. It will be nice I think =)

Keep on enjoying your wednesday everybody! Oh, and only 10 days until I am coming home... That's not much!


Morgan and me eating raclette for dinner...

Ok, so today has started out pretty good. Woke up at nine and went down to see that Morgan was already awake. She has mercredi libre today, which means that she does not have school. So, she had breakfast and then now she is doing her homework. After her homework we are going to have a little sort of workshop together; I made my jeans into capri jeans yesterday, so we have some denim and seashells and things like that to use. So I think that should be good. And later on today I am going to Tournefeuille with all the other au pairs to eat, which I think will be very nice indeed. Can't wait! :) Oh, and today I only have 10(!) more days left here in France, which I am now starting to think that is a little weird. Buuuuut, anyhow, now I have to go down and engage Morgan in some heavy gluing! Talk to you later!



Toulouse + me = overspending...

No, I didn't buy all this, thank God... This is just what happens when my cousin Hannah is given free reign over her money while in Thailand. And this was after the FIRST day of shopping....

So, today. I woke up at 09:00 to meet Klara at the train station. We took the train in together to Toulouse to meet Silla and Mia. We went to find some stuff we needed, and then we took an iced coffee nearby Rue de Metz and metro Esquirol. Very nice to sit in the sun and enjoy an ice cold coffee with little Mia that Silla is watching on my lap. After the coffee had to head home, so Silla and I walked down Rue St. Rome to look around in the stores for a while. I was looking for one white and one black plain strapless top, and Silla told me that they had those over at New Look. So we went there to look, and I found them. Also ended up buying them, but in my defense I needed those tops, and they were only 6€ each. So I figured they were worth it. I also ended up buying the sweetest thing for my sister's daughter, and a little something for the parents here for when I leave. So all in all a very good outcome. Oh, and I also found a little something for Rachael. =) I took the train home and then went to get Morgan from school. She was all happy go lucky, which was very good. We walked from the train station and home and then Clémence came to play. A little while after that the dad came home so then I was free. I took my bag and went over to Ayilin where some of her friends were standing outside and waiting. When Ayilin came out we stood there talking for a little while and then she and I went for a walk and sat in park Cabirol for a little while. Then we walked back and I had dinner with the family and now I am lying in bed getting ready to sleep. So yeah, that was my day =)

Hope you all had a nice day as well!
Bisous et bonne nuit,

"The Turkish Eye"- a protective parting gift

Yesterday was a very nice day. I went to French course etc, and then in the evening I hung out with Ayilin, which always turns out as a success. She had been in Turkey to visit her family, and yesterday when I came over to her place, she told me that she had gotten a little something for me. I was overwhelmed because I seriously had no idea about this. She handled me a little package that contained a little leather bracelet with the Turkish Eye on it. She explained that this was a very powerful charm that was used by everyone all over Turkey, and that it is meant to protect you from the Evil Eye. I googled it when I came home, and this is what popped up:

This amulet against evil eye is very typical in Turkey. You can find it all over Turkey: women use it as a bracelet, earring or necklace; Turkish people use it hanged in their house, office and also at their car, also babies have it hanged in their cloths. It should be mainly blue and look like an eye. There are very different sizes but the shape is usually round. The Turkish name for this amulet that protects one from the evil eye is nazar boncuk.

This one that you see on this page is the most original turkish evil eye amulet and can be hanged at your house, office, car or anywhere else you want to protect from bad energy ! 

Ayilin, thank you SO much for this present! I will always wear it, and whenever I look down on it, I will think of you. =) je t'aime! <3

Another thing that also was really cute was that she had bought the same bracelet for herself, so she said that now, we could watch out for each other. She's SO cute! Oh, and it has also been decided that I am sleeping at her house from Friday to Saturday, because we are going to a party at Paul's house on Friday. So that will be very very nice :) Only sad thing is that I know this will be the last time I see most of Ayilin's friends, cause after all, this weekend which is coming up now is my last weekend here in France. But, so far, it is turning out to be the best au revoir weekend ever! =) So at least that's good. 

But, now I've got to scurry! Am going in to Toulouse with Klara to meet up with Silla, so I've got to hurry up a little bit! Have a nice tuesday everybody!





Well, my weekend has been pretty great to say the least. Friday I went to meet Meike and Klara for a drink at Cotton club, as I think I have written about already, so no need to go in to details on that one. Saturday I worked just until noon and then I was off. I watched a movie, walked around quite a bit in Colomiers and then in the afternoon went home to Rachael for dinner. And that was indeed very nice. We risked a barbecue, which turned out to be a total success. So nice to sit outside on the porch and just talk and talk and talk. And then, during dinner, Rachael got up and came back with two presents for me! She is SO cute, really! It was a special pen for left-handed people, and "Le petit livre des Anges" which basically means "the little book of Angels". Now, it will be too long and too boring for you if I throw myself into the explanations around this particular gift, so lets just leave it with the fact that she and I have angels in common. It's so much easier... Well, after dinner I walked back to the house and then I went to sleep. Sunday morning I woke up to an empty house, which wasn't bad at all. I took a shower and prepared myself for the day, bla bla bla, and then I went for a BIG walk all around Colomiers. Around three o'clock I went home to Kevin's house for dinner and company, and in the end it got so late that I just slept over on their pull out bed. Very nice actually. This morning I woke up and went to French class, and then after that again I had a cup of coffee with Klara at Airbus. Very nice :) Walked home with her as well, and am now sitting in the house psyching myself up to do the ironing... =P Ah well, it ain't all that bad I guess...

Only 12 days until departure now...



Yes, ok. I know that it might be considered a little "early" to prepare my goodbyes two weeks before I actually leave, but that's just me. I've bought cards and written them out to the kids, and done something for the kids to remember me by, and on tuesday I'm going into Toulouse to find a little(read: cheap) thing to the parents. I mean, I've got to give them something... 

Also, it turns out that I think the whole goodbye scene with friends down here will be harder than what I first thought. I mean, I've been with most of these people for almost a year now, and, lets face it, they actually know more about me than a lot of people back home do... Take Meike and Klara for example. They are what I consider my two best friends down here, and the funny thing is that they are the two FIRST I met down here when I came! They've worked as my anchors more than once, and for that I will be forever grateful. And I will miss them. The only thing that keeps me from crying every time I think about not seeing them every day is the fact that I'll see them in the end of July, the end of September and hopefully in December as well. So, with them it's not a definite goodbye. It's worse with Silla, my crazy Australian girl. She is a backpacker, and she moves just about wherever she feels like. After this year she's going to Russia(!) as an au pair, and who knows when I'll see her next? So that one is a little bit more tricky. And then there's Ayilin, sweet, little neighbor girl Ayilin. I'm so sad that we didn't really bond before, because now we haven't had half the time we should have had together... I'll miss her and all her friends, but then again I know that this isn't the last time I'll see them, cause I'm determined to come back some time next year to visit everyone. But still, it's goodbye for a year...

Now of course I'll miss the family. I'll miss Morgan and Gerome, and all the things they do and say. I know, I know, it hasn't always been a walk on roses, but still. They've grown on me god dammit! And I've come to love them. In different ways, but I do love them both. And it will be weird not to be their au pair anymore, even though it will be nice to just be able to think about myself. 

And now that I'm crossing the two weeks mark, it dawns on me more and more actually. I am almost done here. My French life is almost over. And in one way I'm happy about that, because I've grown during this year; I've become more independent, I've learned French and I've definitely learned to be have more patience.... I do feel that I'm now ready to embark upon that adventure that is studying, and I am looking forward to moving to Trondheim and getting a start on my studies. I can't wait to see my family and all my friends! And now that even my sweet little mum has started counting down(guess that's where I've gotten it from Silla!) it feels more real than ever. 

I know that the day I'm standing in this room, my room, looking around at the empty walls and the packed suitcases, ready to close the door for the last time, I will be sad. Unexplainably sad. But that's just the way is. When it gives you a chance like this, you grab it with both hands, even though you know that one day it will all come to an end. I have learned and grown on my experiences throughout this year, and I know in my heart that I will never, ever, regret taking a gap year as an Au pair in France...



Before I start telling you about my day today (which basically has consisted of nothing) I feel the need to tell you that I had sort of a social life yesterday. When the dad came home he payed me and then I went to Cotton club to meet Meike and Klara. We were there for about three hours I think, and it was very very very nice indeed. I'm gonna miss them SO much when I leave. (Which btw, is in exactly 2(!) weeks today) I was back in the house around 22:00, and then I was so tired that I just fell asleep right away...

My horrible and hateful alarm woke me up at 09:30 this morning (I need to get around to changing that alarm tune, cause it's driving me CRAZY!) and surprisingly enough I didn't hit the snooze button. (Which is good!) I went down, and the dad and Gerome were already awake. After a while the dad went to wake up Morgan, cause she had some Brownie(scout) thing today. She looked sooooo grumpy coming into the kitchen. I almost laughed out loud... =P She had some breakfast and then I went up to her room with her to get her dressed. Now, this normally works out O.K, but today, she was determined to play around and just be silly. Si it took a wee bit more time than usual...

Gerome's math teacher came at 11:00 and the dad drove Morgan to the Brownies thing, and I occupied myself with the laundry and the dish washer. And now the dad and Gerome are playing PS3 or something... =P Basically I'm done for the day, but am not supposed to be at Rachael's house until around 17:00, so I'm taking it slow...

Hope you all have a good weekend!
a free Frenchie<3



As you all might have figured out while reading my blog, is that I have this "thing" for countdowns. I don't really know why, but I guess it sort of helps my mind to plan and stuff. And now I only have 15 more days left in France. Tomorrow it is exactly two weeks until I get on that plain and go home. And well, I have some mixed feelings rumbling around inside my head. Don't get me wrong, I seriously can't wait to get home and see everybody and start my life as a student, but still. It will be weird to leave everything and everyone here behind. Saying goodbye to Silla, Meike and Klara will definitely be the WORST thing of all. And also Ayilin and all her friends. It's gonna be weird not going to French course, not going for a coffee at Airbus, or taking the train and metro into Toulouse to just hang out or go out with my girls. It's gonna be weird not picking up Morgan from school, not following Gerome to the dentist, and not taking Morgan to her swimming lessons. I'm going to miss the whole laid back lifestyle French people lead, and also the atmosphere down here, which is intoxicating. I'm going to miss Toulouse terribly, and also Colomiers (not that it's a lot to miss,but still) I'm going to miss the evening walks with Klara or jsut popping in at Rachael's for a cup of tea. Oh, there is so much I'm going to miss. 

But then on the other hand there is so much to look forward to when I come home: I can't wait to hug my parents and my little sister. I am dying to meet the new little baby my sister had, I'm longing to just hang out with my friends and I have a surging lust to go to our summer house and swim in the sea. I can't wait to see my dog, Shanka, I can't wait to just be able to think about ME for a change, I can't WAIT to be able to speak Norwegian and having everyone understand EXACTLY what I mean. I can't wait to sit up late talking to my parents about all and everything. I Just simply can't wait. 

So as you see, there is a little tug-of-war going on in my brain at the moment. But I know that the part that thinks about going home will win. Cause after all, it's home. And for me, home is everything...

a tug-of-war Frenchie<3


This is how happy I am when I'm done cleaning. HOPPIN' HAPPY!

YES, I AM DONE! And what a good feeling it is. Wasn't really THAT bad once I got started, cause by now(after 38 times of cleaning) it's sort of turned into a routine... Took me about one and a half hour today, which was perfectly O.K. No stress or muss or fuss, just plain straight out cleaning. And now I'm DONE! Hurra! I am taking my book and my water bottle now and I am going to go out in the sun! Hihi, no bad weather down here sir! 

Have a smashing weekend folks!

My plans if I forget to write about them afterwards:
Friday: one last drink at Cotton Club with Meike and Klara
Saturday: working in the morning, then home to Rachael for dinner (I am cooking! Boy is she lucky...haha)
sunday: home to Tina and Kevin for goodbye dinner for Tina, who is leaving on wednesday (Tina is the Norwegian girl from Bergen I've met down here...)

And that basically tells you all you need to know! ;)


If any of you are planning on going to London in the near future, I suggest you check out my friend's webpage; londonaccordingtojenny.blogspot.com . this girl is obsessed with London, and therefore she also knows what she's talking about. Just a little tip on the go from France ;)

Frenchie <3


Yum yum yum! My favourite things; frappuchino and latte!

Well, in two weeks I am going home. Ah, every time I say that it sends a chill of happiness through my body. I-AM-GOING-HOME! I really can't seem to wrap my head around it at this time, but I know it's happening. 

Now, my parents were a wee bit late on the whole "buying a ticket home for their beloved daughter" kind of thing, so in the end I wound up with a middle stop in Brussels airport. Not bad you say? Well, try making that middle stop seven hours, and then lets see how much you fancy doing it yourself. So, in my desperate attempt to cheer myself up, I googled the Brussels airport to see what kind of stores etc it has for me to stoke around in while waiting for my plain. And I found out that there is a STARBUCKS IN THE DEPARTURE HALLS! Oh my God how that totally made my day! All of a sudden those seven hours didn't seem bad at all! I am going to pass the time in a STARBUCKS. Hurra hurra hurra! Now, for those of you who don't know me very well, this is a HUGE thing. Why? Because Starbucks serves the BEST coffees in the entire world, and I am in love with the entire concept. When I was in London last year with some friends, I screamed of joy every time I saw a Starbucks. Now, seeing as there is a Starbucks on every street corner in London, you can imagine how much this irritated my friends. But I can't help myself. I love Starbucks. that's just the way it is. So now I have yet another reason to look forward to going home. Don't you worry Starbucks, I'm coming! :D

Happy Frenchie<3


I really don't want to clean today. I'm lying here on my bed while making up excuses for why I shouldn't have to. But I know I have to, and that kind of sucks. The only plus about cleaning today is that when I'm done, I only have two(!) more times to clean before I go home. That's right people; in 15 days I'm getting on that plain and heading home. (mind you, with seven hours of waiting at Brussels airport... but they have STARBUCKS, so I don't care!) After doing some calculations(meike, I'm sure I've got it ALL wrong, but this is me we're talking about here...) I have been here for 10 months, whereof each of those months have 4 weeks each. Now, if I'm not completely mistaken, I have cleaned this house 40 times by the time I leave. Now that's quite a lot of cleaning people! Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those persons who likes to live in a pig sty, but still. It's just the principle that gets me about this whole thing. I'm supposed to be here to watch after the kids, not clean the bloody house. But, as I said, now I don't really care any more, cause I've only got two more times left before I leave. Only that thought is enough to get me going! Ok, I've got to get the cleaning done, so y'all hang tight and I'll give you some more updates as the day drags on. 

Have a GREAT weekend!
Frenchie with mop <3



Ah, I love you! <3>

have to show you a picture of my first little girl as well. She is the daughter of my biggest big sister =P And she turned three this year. It is weird how much she has grown this year! Freaks me out a litte, cause I've been so used to being around her all the time...



I love this photo, because it really looks like she is smiling. Can't wait to meet you! <3

After a little e-mail to my big sister to ask for permission to do this, I am doing it! In a previous blog entry I wrote that my sister had her baby. A beautiful little baby girl. Lets just call her "mini". Over these two weeks I have gotten many pictures of the little heart breaker, and I wanted to share one of them with you all. Isn't she beautiful? I love her with all my heart already, and I haven't even met her yet! Nuts, I know. But that's what these little things do to you, you know...

Cant wait to meet you "mini"! <3
Good night to everyone!

Swim little fishes, swim!!!

So yes, swimming. Before I picked up Morgan for swimming today I decided that I was going to go swimming as well, simply because it was just too hot to go running. So, I packed everything together and went and picked her up. Just the 25 minute walk to her school in this heat was exhausting and highly uncomfortable. We got a ride with Suzy, one of the mums by the gate, to the pool, which was very good as it meant that we were not late. Morgan ate her snack and then we went in to swim. And it was SO nice to get into the slightly cooled water and just swim lap after lap without having to think about anything else than myself and what I was doing at that moment. I swam laps for about 45 minutes, and then I went to change so that I would be ready for when Morgan came out. When she was all dressed up and ready we were supposed to be heading for the bus, but Morgan screamed of joy when she saw her father sitting there and waiting for us. (as you might have figured out by now, she doesn't really like the bus that much anymore...) And now everyone is here and the dad is doing a barbecue, which I am SO looking forward to. Don't know how the sausages will taste, but hey. I'm trying everything once, so yeah...

Hope you all have a very nice thursday evening! :) 



I am so sorry for completely ditching this blog lately. But the weather has been too good to just sit inside, and when the evening comes I am so tired that I can't do anything else than sleep. (I blame the sun, the heat and the kids for that one...) I've been trying to stitch together a blog entry about the Marseille trip, but the blog doesn't want me to upload it, so now I've given up. But, I am going to try and tell you what I've been up to since I came back. (Not that it's a whole lot really, but anyway...) Now, lets see, shall we? Follow me....

The last weekend, I slept at Ayilin's place. She had a little fête, which was really nice. Sort of a chance for me to see all of them again and for one last time. Sunday I just hung out at Ayilin's house, and when her parents came home we just basically fell asleep. The mum woke us up at 21:30 and said that I was more than welcome to sleep here, but shouldn't I let Sandrine know where I was? Haha, I told her thank you, but said that I wasn't sure if I was working monday or not, so I should probably go. Monday I worked from ten to noon and then I went for a walk and then home to Rachael and her boys for lunch. Very nice. After that I went home to Tina and Kevin (Tina is a Norwegian girl I've met here, and Kevin is the son of the host family she lives with) I had dinner with them and then in the end it was so late that I just slept over. The rest of the week was completely normal, no special stuff at all really. 

Yesterday after dinner, the kids and I played "blind man". Which basically means that one person is supposed to be blindfolded and then try to catch the others running around him. Very hard actually, especially if you're afraid of either smashing into the wall or all the stupid bushes that are just waiting to scratch you up... And then in the end when I was blindfolded, Gerome and Morgan thought it was a really good idea to put on the hose and shower me in cold water. Man they laughed! Wasn't really that bad, seeing as it was actually really warm, so I just laughed too...

Today now, I'm meeting Klara for coffee at Airbus, and then I'm just going back to the house and getting Morgan's stuff for swimming and then picking her up and then going to swimming. And then hopefully the parents will pick us up and then when we get back to the house I can go for a run. 

Talk to you soon!(I hope...)
Frenchie <3