Hey everyone!
I am now back in Colomiers after a rocking road trip to Marseille with Klara, Silla and Meike. I had a blast, and everything was perfect (even though my back hurts a little from sleeping on stoney ground in the mini tents...) I will write a long entry later on when I get my camera back from Meike, but I thought I'd give you all a little preview. A teaser, one might call it...

On the way back to Toulouse on Sunday we stopped at a beach for one last swim. SO warm water! And I picked SO many sea shells =D
Cassis harbor. A beautiful little ocean side city where we slept the last night <3
The four of us in front of Île d'If, where they shot the well known movie "The count of Monte Christo". A beautiful place, with beautiful company...

In short terms there was a wee bit of driving, a lot of good laughs, small tents, very warm weather and a lot of both sunbathing and swimming, and a little shopping...

Thanks for a G-R-E-A-T road trip girls! I will remember this 4ever! 

(The pictures are all Silla's, but I'm hoping she won't mind...)
a Frenchie with a lot more color than before <3


Une soirée Francaise <3

Ok, a teeny tine little update before I run down to make lunch for the kids... Yesterday, I went home to Ayilin(the neighbour girl) around two. Sandrine and Gregory came home early, so I could go early. Very nice! There were other girls there as well; Aura, Maja and Julia. So we swam in Ayilin's swimming pool and then we started to get ready for the party Ayilin was gonna have. Around eight the first people started coming, and by ten o' clock we were about 20/30 people. It was very nice. Now, unfortunately Ayilin has a pool, and the boys made a contest to see who could throw most girls into it. No need to elaborate; I was one of them. Fully dressed and all. But I got my revenge; I pushed two of the guys into the pool as well. So, tout à fait! It was a fantastic evening, so much fun. I fell asleep at 02:30 I think, because I had to get up and be awake here in the house to watch the kids. Oh yeah, and I slept at Ayilin's house as well, which was very nice. 

Today I woke up at 07:45 to be back at the house at 08:00 to take care of the kids, so I was a little bit tired, but not too much really... And now I am all packed and ready to go to Marseille with the girls! =D Guess I'll be off the work hook around 15:30 or something like that, so then we go! 

Have a nice weekend everybody!


And one more time for the cheap seats in the back!

Everybody, yesterday around 16:00 I opened an e-mail from my mother and read; "She is here! Beautiful, 4 kg and strong" I am an auntie again people! :D My mum also gave me her password to look at the picture my sister sent from her cell phone. And she is GORGEOUS! :D They still haven't given out a name, but I am certain she will have a name that suits her gorgeousness.... And I am so HAPPY!!! :D Congrats sister, another beautiful heartbreaker into the family! :D Felicitations! :D

Frenchie, auntie for the second time..... =D


Dear diary

Since I came down here, I have filled two diaries, and I am now on my third. The two first ones, my mum gave me. She even hand made a cover for them. I got the first one, with cover, when they came to visit me here in the end of September. The next one I got over Christmas I think. But now she hasn't been able to find the same book, so I went to Toulouse in March some time, and got this one. It was all plain and boring green, so I fixed it up a bit. The pictures that you see are the four pictures my parents used for my family's Christmas cards this year, and all the little decorative things are small tokens of appreciation that I've gotten from Morgan throughout my stay down here. So this diary represents the best from my two worlds... Also, it has six small pockets, in which I can put all the small letters and cards I've gotten from all of you during these nine months down here. So I will be bringing all the best with me home when I go.

I've never really been a very "writing-a-diary" kind of girl, but I've found it very good down here. It is a perfect way to store away the memories I want to take with me through life, and also for everything else. These diaries if mine hold every single feeling I have ever had down here. And I think that when I come home, in a couple of years or so, I will be able to sit dawn and really read them, and remember. I have not had a perfect stay down here, but I have had so many good things and good memories that will wash away the trivial stupid things. Nada problema!

"A diary is like a second heart. Here you can store away all the things you want to keep with you forever, and take them out and read about them whenever you feel like it."


I dipped my feet...

I am sorry to say that it seems as though I have been neglecting my blog a little bit lately. I am sorry, and I will try to do my best not to make it happen again. A lot has happened since I last wrote, so I'll try to make it short and clear, so as not to make any fuzz about it all.

On Saturday afternoon I took the bus to Plaisance de Touche, to hang out with Meike and Klara. We went and rented SATC-the movie, and then we went back to Meike's place. There we just hung out and had a lovely time in the sun, nothing wrong with that. We also watched Eurovision songcontest, where Norway won, with the highest score ever! Yay for Norway! =D After the contest was over, Meike and I watched SATC-the movie( Klara almost fell asleep on the couch poor thing, so she called it a night) and I think we went to bed around 03:30. Sunday morning Klara woke us up, and we stuffed ourselves and our stuff into Jenny, Meike's car and drove to Narbonne Plage. This trip took about one and a half hours. The weather wasn't perfect, but just being at the sea made my heart so much more lighter. We lay on the beach, talked and read our books, and then in the end we went for a little walk along the boulevard. We ended it all with a Monaco at one of the sea side restaurants, and then we got back into the car. On the way back to Toulouse we stopped for an ice cream, which we all thought was a very good idea. I think I was back in the house around 19:00 and then had dinner with the family. A PERFECT WEEKEND! Monday I had no French course, because my teacher is on vacation for the moment, so I got to sleep in a little bit, which was very nice. I met Klara and Meike at Klara's house, and we sat by the family's pool with coffee and just talked. I was back in the house around four, so in good time before the kids were home. Again, dinner with the family, outside because of the good weather. Nice.

Tuesday was a lovely day. The sun was shining etc, so I lay outside in the garden for about two hours in the sun. Then I went inside and did my "chores" (in the lack of a better word) and got a lift to the school with Rachael. After I had picked up Morgan, we went home and she did her homework. The mum came home early, so I could go for a run before dinner. Very nice. On the way back from my run I popped by Rachael to pick up the "Quantum of Solace" movie she had bought. So I think I will read that tonight. Again, the weather was so fine and warm that we ate outside, and then after that I went for a walk on my own in the nice weather. Finished it off with the last two chapters of my book on a bench nearby the house.

Today I have cleaned the house, because I will not be able to do so on Friday. Seeing as I am going to Marseille and all! =D Yes, that's right! In just two days time, I will be sitting in Jenny on the way to Marseille with my girls! It's gonna be fantastic! :D So now all I need to do today is wait for Gerome to come home from school, and then I'll go an collect Morgan from school and take her home. And then make dinner, and after that go home to Ayilin(the neighbor girl) to hang out with her and some friends of her. So that will be nice I hope :) Was very nice of her to invite me, I must say. 

Thursday and Friday are free days for the kids, so then I will be at the house and outside with them. Hopefully the weather will still be as great as what it is now, so we will be able to go to the park and hang  out there in the fine fine weather. I will also just be working half days I guess, so then on Friday, when I get off around four ish, I will be able to just get in Jenny and drive away! Ah, three days with my girls! I can't wait!

oh, and one more thing before I wrap this thing up; my parents have finally gotten their heads together and are now, as I'm writing, booking my flight ticket home! In exactly 31 days I will be getting on that plane and coming home! Actually, on Saturday it will be exactly 4 weeks. Yikes, I only have 4 weeks and 3 days left in France. That is a weird thought...

And just a couple of more things; I got the most beautiful handwritten letter from my grandfather in the mail yesterday, where he thanked me for the letter I had written to him for his birthday. I love you Mosje! Oh, and my sister still hasn't popped, poor thing. Her due date was yesterday, so now we might have to get ready for some waiting. Not that I mind really, cause the longer she stays in, the less time everyone else has with her before I come home... 

Have yourselves a fine wednesday, sunny side up!


I promised I would show you my new shoes =)

Well, I promised you a picture or two of my new shoes, and here they are! Aren't they beautiful?! I found them on one of my many visits to the market by the St. Sernin church on a Sunday in Toulouse, and they were only 5€. They are super comfortable and I absolutely love them... But hey, what girl does not love her new shoes? I can not wait till tomorrow, when I will be able to use them at Meike's place for our SATC evening! <3>
Enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone!

A blog here, a blog there, they're everywhere!

I absolutely love the fact that there have been new blogs popping up all the time during this year. I now have about 10 blogs that I follow, and most of them are blogs of friends. It's a very good and easy way of keeping up with my friends, which is good for me. They blog about everything of course. Everything that touches them, what happens in their lives and just things that interest them. And I love that! It's so nice to have another way than Facebook to keep up with my friends, and to see and understand the things that happens in their lives. 

I started this blog when I left from Norway about nine months ago (oh my god! I've been here for nine months soon! Time passes SO quickly!)  so that everyone at home would have a chance to keep track of me, and soon after I realized that blogging is so much more than a hobby, it is almost a way of life. Everyone has a blog, from the topmost celebrities to the clear "nobody", and they all write about whatever pleases them. It's a fantastic way to keep in touch with people, and let them know how your days are passing by, and what you're filling them with. I have come to depend on my blog, in the way of telling my family and friends how I am doing down here, and how my life in France is developing. And so far, I've only gotten good feedback on it. Which I like, of course... 

So people, keep up the good blogging, and I'll do my best to keep up mine! I love to read about your lives and to tell you about mine...

Another done, only five more to go!

Yes, I am done with the cleaning, once again. And now, I only have five more times to clean before I return to Norway. Ah, that sounds like heaven. (being done with cleaning that is...) I can not say that I really care for it, but it has to be done. And every time I'm done I have the blissful feeling of joy because I know I have one less time to clean next week. I swear to you, fridays are not really my favorite day of the week, yes, because of the cleaning. But it only takes about an hour and a half, and then I am done. Which is very nice, I have to say. Now, I can just lay back and enjoy the rest of the day, until Gerome comes home from school. And I don't have to pick up Morgan from school today either, because she is going straight from school to play with a friend. Ah, that feels nice! So now I can just do whatever I want to do. Everything is done, and everything is clean. Every surface in the kitchen gleaming in the sunlight, every floor vacuumed and mopped. I AM DONE! 



These are the days my friend, we thought they'd never end... But now they are!


I am now down to 37 days left here in this beautiful fairytale called France. Now yes, I am aware of the fact that these ten months down here have not always been a dance on roses, but what life is? I know, actually, I feel it in my heart, that when I come back to Norway, I will only remember the good times down here, and let me tell you, I've had enough of those to make memories that will last for a lifetime...

I know that I've written about this before, but it "came" to me again yesterday evening. As I was sitting in the park waiting for Klara to come and meet me for our late night walk, I started thinking about my grandmother again. Hardly a day goes by without the memory of her. She was the most wonderful of wonderful persons, and she will never, ever be forgotten. I started thinking about how it was her deepest wish that I was to go to France and learn French, so that when I came back she and I could talk together in this language that she loved so dearly. But that wasn't to be. Yesterday, I thought about the fact that she will not be there waiting for me with open arms when I come home. We will never have those great talks that she wanted us to have. But I can still cherish the memory of her, and every time I open my mouth and speak in her beloved language, it's her I think of. Even though she is not there when I come back, she is there. In spirit, and in my heart. She never leaves my side, because I cary the memory of her and her love in my heart with me, all the time, every day. Also, I always wear the ring that I got for my confirmation after her, and also the beautiful golden bracelet that I inherited from her for my 18th birthday. And every time I touch either of them, it feels as though she is there wit me, laughing at my jokes, giving me advice and just being there like only she can. And for me, that is important. Cause if there is one thing I have learned during this stay (besides from French) it is that family is the most important thing in your life.

Also, I do feel that since these are my last days in France, everything should be FABULOUS! But, I do believe that the weather Gods are not on my side. Because they are making it rain! Ok, so it's not cold rain, but still, it's rain! And I don't want no rain... But, I am hoping that they will indulge me in some fine, fine weather before I leave. If they've done it before, they can do it again! 

Yesterday and today have been absolutely normal days. Yesterday the kids had half days, Morgan had her speak therapist, and then we were back in the house around two. Gerome came home with a friend, and they did whatever it is guys their age do. After the friend left, Gerome, Morgan and I were playing outside in the garden for a couple of hours, which was nice. No drama, no screaming, only happy faces. Now, that's what I want. Today, the people with the matress(I don't know how to write that word!) came and delivered, and I've ironed clothes, cleaned the kitchen and paired up socks. I am now watching a little bit of SATC before going home to Rachael for a cup of tea before collecting the kids from school. And then Morgan has swimming, and then I am hoping to squeeze in a run afterwards. So that will be nice. 

Again, I'm having mixed feelings about the whole leaving thing. There is as though there is a tug of war inside of me. But I do believe firmly that the part that will win is the one that is tugging from Norway. It is now UNDER a week until my big sister's do date, and I can not wait for that first picture of the little princess to ping in my inbox. Talk about picture perfect! Only that itself is enough to make me long for Norway. I am very happy with myself for going here and doing this. I know that if I hadn't, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. And I wouldn't have been to speak French!(imagine that!) So yes, I am looking forward to going home, now that it is coming up close and personal very fast. And I know that I will never forget my stay here. And that's all I ever wanted...



my perfect coffee corner <3

I have to confess something; I have a perfect coffee corner. There is a little sort of alcove on the side of the house, which is perfect to sit on and sip my coffee while I read my latest book. There is never any wind there, because the walls on either side protects me from that, and you would have to stretch your neck over the garden wall to catch a glimpse of me. It is the perfect place. There, I can be totally alone with the characters of my book and the story that plays before my eyes, and no on in the entire world knows that I am there. I love it! Even the kids know that if I go there, they aren't supposed to disturb me. Which is nice of course. I guess you could sort of see it as my little sanctuary of some sort =) 

Just thought I'd share it with you is all =)
Have a great afternoon and evening!

At least they could have the courtesy to call...

Hello friends!

I am now in a bit of a frenzy over French delivery people. They are stupid and not very polite. There was supposed to come someone from a place called "côté nuit" (sort of like a French "Bed, Bath and Beyond") and they were supposed to be here between 11 and 12. At 12:35 the mum, Sandrine, called me and asked how it went. When I told her they hadn't been here yet, she was sort of thrown back and a little irritated. So I gave her the number of the store from the slip she had left for me on the table, and she said she would call them and then call me back. Five minutes later she was explaining that they didn't have the time to do it today, and that they would come on Thursday instead! Stupid stuck up French delivery people who don't even have the courtesy to call! Cause now I can't do anything else than wait to pick up Morgan from school. And I could have been spending my time with the girls! Bah, I don't like French delivery men at all right now! (maybe that will change on thursday though, if they are cute... Who knows?) 

So yes. Then, once again, my day will be filled with homemade lattes and "The other Boleyn Girl" (not that I really mind to be honest, seeing as the weather is very good and I am wearing my new cute dress... I can live through that then... hihi)

I now also only have 39 days left in France. Which is weird. Went for a walk with Klara yesterday, and we talked a little bit about the whole "saying goodbye" scenes. And It's gonna be really weird not to go to Airbus with them every Monday and Thursday, like I have been doing for the last 8 months... I mean, you know when you meet people on vacation? And you sort of "bond" etc etc? Well, it's like this for me with the girls, only in a much much stronger sense. Because I've known these girls for nine months now, and they are a vital thing in my French life. So, with that in mind, I am determined to keep closely in touch with them, since they mean so much to me. And we don't really live THAT far away from each other! I mean, we can with the greatest of ease fly to one another in under two hours! So it really shouldn't be an obstacle that we live in different countries...

Also, I am waiting for my mum to e-mail me and tell me that my plain ticket has been bought! Cause with only 39 days left in my belt, I'm starting to semi freak out a little that she is so calm about this whole thing... But, I guess she knows what she's doing. And also, a lot of the "cheap flights" have a middle stop with a wee bit of waiting. And so therefore I am hoping she will get me a flight that middle lands at Heathrow, London, cause they have Starbucks! And what girl wouldn't want to spend a couple of hours at Starbucks? Then the whole waiting thing doesn't sound so bad at all... So people, cross your fingers for that will you?!

have a nice Tuesday!


J'ai fait une promenade avec la fille Suedoise <3

Me and Klara in Toulouse last weekend waiting for Stina to pick us up... <3

I made dinner for the family, and ate with them. And then, while I was up in my room, Klara texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her. I immediately called her up and said that yes, that would be lovely!

We went for a nice walk around the park Cabirol, while we talked all the time. It was indeed very nice! After the walk I went back to the house, and on my way there I picked some gorgeous flowers which are now standing in a vase on my desk. Very nice! It really brights up a room, which I love. And now I am just waiting for Gerome to finish his shower, so I can take mine. And then I think I will watch some SATC before calling it a night. Yes, that does sound good. 

Oh, and tomorrow I have to try to make conversation with people who are coming to the house to do something to the bed of the parents. But hey, that will go well! I am nothing but optimistic! (can't hurt right...?) 

Bisous et bonne nuit,
Frenchie <3

Mosje min <3 =)

My mum and Mosje carving the ham on Christmas eve 08 <3

The best grandfather in the world, my Mosje( we call him that because when I was small I couldn't say "morfar" which is "grandfather" in Norwegian...) has turned 75 years old. Happy birthday! I LOVE YOU! This weekend he treated the entire family for a cruise on the cruise ship /boat that goes between Oslo and Kiel. And I'm sad that I could not be there, but at least I know from the e-mail from my mum that he had a good time. When I was home in February, I gave him a loooong letter that I had written for his birthday, and my mum said that he opened it and read it out loud for everybody to hear when they were in his "room" on the boat. And she also said that he loved it. Which makes me so glad! Just because I couldn't be there doesn't mean that I couldn't shed some light on his great day! 

Mosje, you are the best best best best grandfather in the world, and I love you sooooo much! Can't wait to see you when I come home! 

Big hugs and kisses from me to you! See you this summer at Hagasand! =D <3


It's here! After a week of waiting, my new book came in the mail =) And I am SO happy! This was the first time I ever ordered something other that airplane tickets online, and I was a little bit worried that my money would go, but that no book came... SO glad Amazon proved me wrong! I can't wait to read it =)

For the moment, I am reading "The other Boleyn girl" by Philippa Gregory. I love this kind of books as well. I've read "Jane Eyre" and "Pride and prejudice" before, and I absolutely devoured them, so I thought I'd give the Boleyn girl a chance as well. And I am equally falling in love with this one. It's a beautiful story, and I would advise EVERYONE to read it. I get so lost in the descriptions of the "old world" and how things were back then. I absolutely L-O-V-E it!

This is the book that came for me in the mail today. Can't wait to read it! I know, I know, it's not really heavy literature, but that's exactly what I like about it. You can simply get lost in the world of high maintenance girls and their "problems". I think that I have about 50 books of this type crammed together in my bookshelves at home. I can't get enough of them. They're my drug! "Hello, my name is Ida and I am a bookaholic!" 

Today was also very good. We had a very good French course, and after that I met Klara and Meike for a coffee at Airbus. We talked a bit about our Marseille trip that's coming up, which was fun. It's only 13 days until we go! 

Now I am just going to relax in the sun with my Boleyn girls and their adventures. Oh, and of course with coffee! =D

Enjoy your Monday!


Hey, I put my new shoes on, and suddenly everything's all right!

Sunday. My free-day. my "doing nothing at all" day. And yet, I did something.

Woke up at nine and met Meike at 11:15 in Toulouse. We went to The marked around the St. Sernin church. My goal was to find new shoes, since I had to chuck out the old ones because the heels on them were broken. (And yes, it broke my heart to see them go...) And I found new shoes" For 5€ only, and they're gorgeous! Black, with a wooden sort of spiked heel. (will try to take photo's and upload...) I also found a new nail polish (dark blue, 1€) and a brown eyeliner (also 1€) ah, how I love the markeds! After pushing our way through the heavy crowds while keeping a tight grip in our purses, Meike and I went to this little garden café right next to the marked. There we had a little soda in the sun and a little "cat-nap". All of a sudden both of us were so tired we didn't even talk at all! =P Weird... So to shake it all off, we went for a little walk, searching for a place where we could sit down and enjoy a little bit of the dark pleasure. Also known as coffee... And we found it =) Very nice. After that, Meike drove med back to Colomiers (because she is so nice!) and then I took a long shower and all I needed with it, and now I'm drinking yet another cup of coffee while enjoying a little SATC (that's Sex And The City...)

Hope you all also had a calm and nice sunday =)

ps: 41 days until I come home, and only 13 days until I go to Marseille! <3>



Manuals, french teenagers and markets on a sunday <3

Feel like I've been neglecting this blog a little bit lately, but I'm back now! (And that's what counts right?) I've had a much better weekend than what I thought I would have. my outlooks weren't exactly great; no Priscilla, cause she's in Egypt on vacation, no possibility of sleeping over at Meike's, because the family's grandparents were there, and no Klara, because she decided to go camping with her family. But, as they very cleverly say, never judge a book by its cover! because this weekend turned out much better than what I would have thought possible.

Thursday evening I went to a grill party at a friend of Ayilin's, Felipe. It was a little awkward at first, cause I didn't know anybody etc, but they were all very nice and talkative, so after an hour or so it all loosened up a lot. =) Friday the kids didn't have school, so I watched them until the parents came home around two. Then I texted Meike, and we ended up going to Blagnac, which is a shopping mall right outside Toulouse. After killing a couple of hours there we went home to her place where we simply just hung out and had a great time. She drove me home around ten in the evening.

Today I watched the kids again, and now also only until two o' clock sort of. Very nice. I texted Ayilin and we went for a veeeery long walk all around Colomiers. I went back to the house between five and six some time, and I had dinner with the family. After dinner I went to Ayilin, where she and her best friend, Margot, were hanging out. A little after me, Paul, Margot's boyfriend, came over too, and the four of us just sat goofing around. Very nice! This time I went back to the house around 23:00. (the house is so loud that just turning a key in the lock will wake up eeeeverybody, so I can't be out too late when I am coming back to the house in the evening. Sucks, I know...) 

And tomorrow I am going to Toulouse with Meike. We are going to cruise the market around st Sernin, to see if we can catch me some cheap and gorgeous looking back heels. (cause right now I have none!) So I am hoping tomorrow will be equally fantastic as the other three days (I'm now including thursday evening, so as to not confuse you more than I have to...) 

It was very nice to just hang out with Ayilin and her friends and do n'importe quoi... I dunno, just got the real feeling of being a teenager again, which I thought was nice. Plus, they were all so friendly and nice, so there was no problem befriending them :)

Oh and yeah, I've started writing a little "survival guide" for the next au pair who is coming here to the family after I leave. And I'm actually really enjoying myself doing it. I started writing the pages today, and so far I've got 11 pages... So yeah, a mon avie, I think I'm doing pretty damn good. Just hope I find some cheap and cute shoes tomorrow. That would really make this weekend perfect! :D

Hope you all also had a good weekend!
Bisous et bonne nuit,


One down, only six more to go!

Oh yes! I'm done with the dreadful cleaning, and I now only have 6 more times to clean. And, seeing as I clean once a week, that means that I, from saturday on, only have six more weeks left down here. 

I went for a walk with Meike yesterday, around a "lake" and through a "forest" (they are in "" because they can't really be called lakes or forests. You could walk through the "forest" in one minute! And the "lake" was the size of a duck pond...) When we sat down in the sun afterwards we got to talking about the time that we have left. And it is weird, seeing how quickly time passes. I mean, I've actually been here in eight and a half months now, but it really doesn't feel like it... Can't really explain it, because it's not like I have the feeling of arriving yesterday or anything. It's just.... gone really fast. And Meike and I started talking about how odd it would be not to have our little "everyday rituals" after this stay here is over. No more coffees at Airbus café, no more late walks in the sunshine, no more girl nights at Meike's place, and no more nights on the town. It seems like so much more when I think about it in this way, but it is true. I guess you could say like Meike did; that we have a parallel life down here. 

Both Meike and Klara are mentally kicking my ass all over Colomiers because of my little countdowns. But I'm not really counting down the days to go home, not yet anyway. It's more "only six more times to clean" or "only six more times to sit and do nothing while Morgan has her swim lesson". Of course, I do also know how many days I have left; 45! But I'm not counting down because I am miserable her or anything. It's almost as though it is a addiction thing. Knowing that something good is almost within reach, makes me want to count down for it. I did the same thing when I went home in February. I do also feel the need to confess that I am crossing of the days... But I guess that's just something I do...

And now I am done cleaning the house, and I can just slouch around in the sun until I have to go and pick up Morgan from school and take her to the pool. At least the mum is picking us up afterwards today. So will be nice not to have to stress with the bus and all that.

Oh, and today I am going to a barbeque party! Ayilin, the neighbor girl that I know, invited me to come with her today, to a friend of her. So that will be fun! Only french people, so I have to speak french, and also good company :) Will blog more about that later. Now I have to get out into the sun! 

Enjoy your day!


Blue sky, sparkling sun and 25 degrees <3

Oh yes! The gorgeous weather is here, at last! The sun is shining, sunglasses are a must and the only thing you can even think about wearing are summer dresses and flip flops :) I like this weather, and I do hope it stays this way. 

Morgan has mercredi libre today, which means that she has no school. She does however have a birthday party at the bowling at two o' clock to go to, and Gerome has a dentist appointment at four. So I'll be a little bit of a stretcher today, but that's fine with me. When the sun is shining like this, it takes a lot to bring me down! And, Gerome has to be at the dentist for about one and a half hours, which means that I get one and a half hours with my Glamour magazine on a park bench somewhere in Toulouse. Nice, I know ;)

Now I have to dash, Morgan has to be taken to the birthday party. Have a gorgeous day everybody!


Young girl+outside+evening= prostitute in France...

Yes, you read what you thought you read. Apparently, if a girl walks around alone in the evening (say from around seven ish) she is considered a "free thing". Now, I've known about this for quite some time now, but I haven't encountered any weird people on my afternoon/evening walks. Until the last couple of days that is. On sunday when I sat in the park after the walk with Klara this guy came up and just started talking to me. I politely excused myself and walked away. Today, I was siting at a bench nearby the house, when this very drunk guy came walking down the road. He was mumbling and talking to himself, so I quickly assessed that he was sort of scary. I stood up and walked away again, before he could come close. 

Now, ok. These have been "near encounters", I know. And I also think that I will have an angry e-mail from my mum tomorrow or later tonight telling me not to leave the house in the evening. But I can't do that! I love to walk around after the parents come home and I'm "off the hook". It's MY time, and I really don't care that all the French girls are small and very afraid etc etc. I mean, it's not as if I walk up to these men and start chatting them up. I leave when they come to close to me or I feel uncomfortable. 

France is a little weird country, it has to be said. I mean, the only other places I can think about that have these "common rules" about girls walking on their own are Irak, Pakistan and all those middle east countries that are discriminating against women! And I am not going to support that way of thinking. I intend to keep up with my walks and if someone comes up to me I will tell them that I am not a prostitute or a girl waiting to get laid, I am a normal girl who just happens to be sitting outside in the evening enjoying some alone-time! (Sorry, but this train of thought really pisses me off!)

Just felt the need to write it down somewhere... =P
Bisous et bonne nuit, 

"I found a dog at IKEA for only 2€!" /Amazon.co.uk

Today, we went to IKEA; Meike, Coco, Klara and I. The girls picked me up at around 09:30, and we had a lovely 1€ breakfast when we got there. We weren't actually supposed to buy much, it was more of a "last memory" visit. But of course we all bought something. I found the cutest picture of a bloodhound(cant remember the name of the breed), taken from the front and in black/white. For only 2€! (hence the headline). I didn't find "kaviar" cause they didn't have it this time either (but gingerbread cookies, they had... weird) But I got a little IKEA ice-cream, and that made everything al right :) After a couple of hours at IKEA, we went to "Leclerc" which is a gigantic shopping center. There, we found tents for our Marseille trip! Only 4€ per person! Very nice yes. And after that we went home.

When I came home I went up and checked my e-mail and such. I also figured out that I would check out Amazon.co.uk, to see if they had some good books that I would like. And they had many! I settled on one though, Glamour, by Louise Bagshawe. I've just finished reading another one by her; A Kept Woman, and I loved it. So hopefully I'll love this one too... This is the first time I've ever bought anything online, so it's sort of a break through for me. Cause I figured, everything has to have a first right? And from that perspective, I thought a book made a good "first time". So now I just have to wait for it :) And I can almost not wait (which is sort of contradicting, yes I know...)

Now I have to go down and make the dinner for the family etc, and todays dinner is Couscous and chicken and vegetables. Yes I know, lucky little bastards who have me to make such good dinners for them right? 

Oh, and today was sunny, blue sky and 25 degrees. THIS is what I like about France ;)


One person's trash is another person's treasure <3

Well, this weekend did take an unexpected turn. I was supposed to go to Klara's house for dinner with her and Meike, and then the three of us were going to go to the beach on Sunday. But around four Klara texted me and said that the family weren't going out after all, so we couldn't come home to her. Five minutes later Meike texted me and said that her car had something wrong with it, so she couldn't drive it to Colomiers, and not to the beach on Sunday either. A little deflated I went back to the house (I had been sitting in the park reading, waiting for Klara to come home so I could go to her place) and told the dad and Morgan that I probably wasn't going out that weekend. But the, as a guardian angel of some sort, Klara phones me and ask me if I want to go into Toulouse with her to meet these two Swedish girls she knew. I said that I would LOVE to do that, and repacked my bag and went to the train station to meet her. This was around six.

The sun was still shining when we came into Toulouse, so we bought some sandwhiches and sat down in the sun at the square where we were meeting Stina, one of the girls, around eight. It was nice just to be out of the house and doing something to tell you the truth. At eight Stina came and took us to the apartment which she and Elisabeth, the other Swedish girl, are sharing. It was a very cute little place, just big enough for two, and it was only two minutes from the Irish pub De Danu, which means that it is pretty central. the girls had made a sort of punch; rosé wine and fruit juice with apple in it, which was very good. We sat in their apartment drinking wine and just talking and chilling out for a while, and around 23:00 we(Stina, Klara and me, Elisabeth was too tired) went down to De Danu to check out the scene. After a little while Stina went back as well, cause she was pretty tired as well, so in the end it was just Klara and me there. But we had a very good time. Met yet another bachelor party from Ireland. (apparently the guy who owns the bar, Trevor, is a legend back  home in Ireland for his rugby playing) The guys were very fun and entertaining, and they bought us the occasional beer. All in all a very nice evening. We were back at the apartment at around 02:30, and fell a sleep right away.

Sunday morning we woke up at 08:30, and saw to our huge happiness that the sun was shining bright on a completely blue sky. We had breakfast, and then the four of us went to the marked and flea marked around the church called St. Cyprien. It was really funny! I found a really old and cute "vintage" clutch bag for 2€ (flea marked) and then I found a super cute summer-dress in blue/black/white at the "real marked". We walked around the markets for quite a long time, and had a little break in a small café that was linked to a museum nearby the church. The "café" was basically a little kiosk in a quit little back garden with plants and flowers, but it was very nice and not very expensive. After that we bought a little something to eat and then went to another church at the other "end" of Toulouse to sit down at the grass there and eat. And that's where we spent most of the afternoon. SO nice! Klara and I took the train back to Colomiers at 17:08, and I went back to the house. There I had a shower and freshened up a bit, and then I went and met Klara again for a walk. After the walk I just sat down on a bench in the warm afternoon sun and read my book. I was back at the house around 20:00, had a little dinner thing, and then I went to bed. A very nice evening! Borderline perfect I'd have to say =)

Today I went to French class, which was great, and then I met Klara and Meike for a coffee at Airbus. After that I bought some sun cream at Super U while Meike posted a package, and then she drove me home and got the three last books of the Twilight series. She was very happy when she left... Haha.

I hope you also had a borderline perfect weekend, just like me!

Ps: only three weeks until I go to Marseille! And only 47 days until my feet again touch Norwegian ground ;)


Une soiree fantastique!

Yes, you heard my headline; a FANTASTIC evening! or, afternoon and evening that is. The mum came home at around two, and said that I could leave if I wanted to. So, of course, I left. I went for a long walk and then I ended up in the park, where I read a little. After a while I called Klara to hear what she was up to, and she said she had just gone out of the house, and was meeting Meike. So I went together with her and we met up with Meike. After trying a shopping center, that was closed, we went to a petrol station where we bought some food and drink, and then we went back to Meike's place. We sat in the sun and talked and just enjoyed the evening, and then when the sun disappeared we went inside her little house. We sat and just talked for about five hours, and it was SO nice! Meike drove us back to Colomiers around ten, and it was just such a great afternoon/evening. And tomorrow I am going home to Klara, cause she is babysitting so I am going to join her while she's doing that. And Meike is coming too I think :) So that will be very nice! A little change in our tedious routine of partying etc all the other weekends. And then, the best thing of the all ever; if the weather is nice on Sunday, we are going to the beach! :D <3
I hope you had a nice 1st of May people!
Bisous et bonne nuit,

Kom mai du skjønne milde

Sorry to all the English speaking people who read my blog, but I didn't know how to translate this headline... But, today is the start of a new month; 1st of May! And it's also "worker's day", which means that there is no school or work today (except for the parents that I work for that is...) I woke up at around 09:30, and went down to see how the kids were doing. They had already had their breakfast, so no need for me to hustle up that, which is good. The weather still isn't great unfortunately, but I did look at the weather forecast just now, and it says that as of Saturday until Friday next week at least (that's as long ass it went) we will have splendid summer weather :) I can't wait! My cold is also getting better; not that much coughing today, thank you very much! And I have a new book to make the grey days pass by more quickly; "A Kept Woman" by Louise Bagshawe. This is what the background says;

"Diana's combination of beauty and class has bagged her marriage to publishing mogul Ernie Foxton, and with that comes a stunning New York apartment, a designer wardrobe and a manicurist, hairdresser and masseuse on tap. She has little more to do than shopping and socialising. This is the for which she was born.

But then, without warning, the bottom drops out of Diana's meticulously constructed world, and she finds herself without a home or a husband, and with barely a dime to her name. For the first time in her life, she might just have to look after herself. But, given how many people would love to see her fail, it's not going to be a walk in the park..."

Yes, I know, it's a total chick lit book, but I just can't help myself! I love these kind of books. And, since I have now finished reading the Twilight saga for the second time, I figured I'd have to find something else to read. I borrowed this book from Kirsty, the mum I was baby sitting for yesterday. And she has a bunch of them! Plus, I figure this book will last me about, oh I don't know, maybe a week, then I can go into Toulouse one day and look in the English book stores and just relish in the fact that I have the money to buy another book =) It might sound just a little bit nerdy, but I love to go in libraries and book stores and just look at the books and I can go from a book store with five new books, without hesitating! I just love to read, it's the best thing in the world! I think it's the whole "diving into a whole other world" thing that does it to me. Plus, I just love it when I find a book that spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I have a couple of favorite books; 
* P.S. I love you
* Twilight saga
* Everything by marian Keyes
* Everything by Sofie Kinsella
* All books by Patricia Cornwell

So as you can see, I don't JUST like girlie books; I can read some hard and heavy murder literature as well. I am very versatile when it comes to books; I'll try everything, and if it doesn't suit me, I'll just jump over to the next one...

So yes, that was that about my preferences for books I guess. Don't know if you'll walk away any smarter, but hey; this is for you to get to know me a little better. Oh, and just one little Fun fact; I've been here for eight months, and during those eight months I've bought and read about 35 books...

Now, the kids are watching a movie, so I think I will benefit from that and read a couple of chapters in this new book of mine :) 

Hope you all had a great night to first of May, and that you're enjoying the new start of a new month!