Easiest money ever made <3

Yes, I have been baby-sitting tonight! And it was so NICE. I got picked up by the mum at around 19:45, and we drove back to their house. I was baby sitting little Lewis, who is only 11 moths old. And he was so cute! When the mum left, he made a "number two" in his diaper, so I took him into the changing room to give him a new and clean diaper. When I was changing him, he just fell asleep! The little thing was so tired he didn't even wake up when I dressed him again, nor when I put him to bed. So, from eight thirty until the parents and his big sister came back, I watched a movie. So yeah, no problem what so ever! :D When they came back (around 22:00) the mum took me back and paid me 20€. Now, for me that is more than enough to just sit on my bum and watch a movie for two hours while the little guy is asleep upstairs :)

I hope you all had an equally calm and nice evening =)
Bisous et bonne nuit,

The dreadful cold is back, but I'm beating it off with medicine!

Hey everybody!
Yeah, I know. I've been a very bad blog person this week. But I have my excuses all ready! I have been sick for one thing, and every evening I have been out walking (seeing as I didn't want to test my luck by running and becoming even more sick). Now, my sickness is a very common thing for me; it's a hell of a cough, which is now starting to become better, because I've been to the pharmacy and gotten cough medicine! Now, what you all have to understand is that French medicine and Norwegian medicine are not the same at all! This medicine here, that I bought yesterday, is already working it's magic. So I guess that within three more days or so, I'll be completely fine again ;) No worries! :D 

Now, tomorrow is 1st of May. Which we all know means that there is no school. That rule applies here in France as well. So, because the kids have no school tomorrow, I cleaned today, cause I'll be watching them tomorrow. (The parents are still going to work) I don't really mind that, but there are also other free days in May. one friday (1st of may) and then another friday and a thursday. now, the weekend with the thursday, the schools are making the wednesday a full day (yes, here in France the elementary school finishes at 11:30 and the junior high and high school finishes at 12:30) so they can justify taking friday off as well. Now, for me that isn't really a bad thing. Cause I either work and earn a little bit more money, or I get the days off cause one of the parents won't be working. (the only "bad" thing about that is that they will then pull some money out of my paycheck, cause I work one day less. But hey, I guess that's ok!) 

So yes. About this last week. I haven't really done anything special at all. Monday was French course (I LOVE Mondays now, because the teacher is sooo good!) and then I met Meike and Klara for a cup of coffee. Tuesday I just slept I guess, and picked up Morgan from school. And was sick of course. that hit me full strength on wednesday, which is when I got the cough medicine when Morgan had her speech therapist lesson. And today I have cleaned and had two cups of coffee and a cup of warm water with lemon and honey in it. (That actually does work! It sort of "calms down" the coughing or something...) And now I am just slouching on my bed watching Sex and the city and waiting for the time to come for me to pick up Morgan from school and take her to the swimming pool.

Oh yeah, and today I am also babysitting! I am going to watch a little boy named Lewis, because his sister and parents are going to the theater or something. Now, this little boy is the little brother of a friend of Morgan. And he is SO cute! Plus, he's like two years old or something, so he'll be sleeping and I'll be watching a movie or something. Anyways, it's easy money, and they will come in handy when I am going to Marseille with Klara, Meike and Silla the third weekend of May! :D Only small problem is that I have to HURRY from the swimming pool and home. the mum can't pick us up from the pool today, so I have to ask Morgan to be quick when the course is over, so we can run and catch the bus. Cause the mum I'm baby sitting for is picking me up at the house around 19:10. So I have a little bit of squeezed time, but I think it will work out. I just hope the mum or dad that I work for will be there so I can just leave when she comes to pick me up...

Well, enjoy your thursday everybody! I'll check in as soon as I can. Tomorrow maybe, to tell you about my baby sitting experience! ;)



The time is passing by so fast it's hard to see what's going on...

Well, the headline really tells you what this entry is going to be about, so no need to explain that further. As we now are on the 27th of April, I find myself moving faster and faster towards my departure date, the 20th of June. And my head is swimming with thoughts about what I can expect when I get home and how it will be like to leave this life behind. 

I can't say that my entire stay here has been a walk on the clouds, but some of it has. I have come to know and love a lot of people down here, and I will be sad when I have to say goodbye to them. It will be weird, I think, in some ways, but also wonderful in others. I have so much waiting for me at home, that it's hard to NOT want to go back. Also, it feels as though I have only been here a week, not eight and a half months. The time is passing me by so quickly, and it's hard to be able to stop and think about what's really going on. I have experienced so much down here, and for that I will be forever grateful. And of course, the biggest "problem" of them all; how will I "survive" without my girls? Really, if I didn't have Klara, Meike and Silla, I do believe I would have been completely and utterly lost down here. So it will be weird having to say goodbye to them. Just like it was weird having to say goodbye to Beth when she left. 

But, as all of these thoughts of departure are circling my brain, they are mixed together with the anticipation and excitement of the thought of going home. When I was home for a week in February, I was so happy. It was an amazing week, and I can't believe that I was able to cram so much into so little time. And now, when I go home, I have the rest of my life to do whatever it is that I want to do! How freeing is that thought! I love it... 

So, as an end to this entry, I am telling you now that I am totally going to make the best out of the rest of my stay. I am going to Marseille with Klara, Meike and Silla in the end of May, which I am totally thrilled about, and I am also going to just sit back and enjoy the weather (when it decides to turn good again that is...)



"We'll be together till the end"

Meike, Klara and me outside Meike's house =)

Ok, before I start bragging about how wonderful my life is down here at the moment, I will give you something to feel good about. Friday was mostly a very boring day. I woke up at ten, cleaned the house, ironed the dry clothes and hung up the wet ones, tidied the kids' rooms and then baked an apple cake (am doing it with Morgan next week because she has to do a "badge" for Scouts, so I figured I'd see if it would turn out good. And it did!) After that however (now, keep in mind that I worked non stop for about four hours) I went outside and laid down in the sun. Very nice! The parents were home at around 18:30, so then they paid me and I went to Cotton club to meet Klara and Meike. Despite the wind, which was hard and horrible, we had a very nice evening. We have decided, to my great happiness, that we are going to meet up at least twice before Christmas; in the end of July Meike and I are going to Sweden to visit Klara, and then we'll take the train together (all three of us) home to Norway for a couple of days. And then, of course, Klara and I are flying to Munich for the Oktober fest! Hurra! I am so glad that we are making this effort (oh yes, it is an effort) to keep in touch and to meet up, cause these girls are really one of a kind! I am so glad that I met them, and that we really hit it off when we did. The funny thing is that Meike and Klara were the two first girls  I met down here, and since then we have been what you could call "glued together". I really care for these girls, and I will do my utmost to never lose touch with them. 

Today, Saturday that is, I woke up at ten, and then i went to the market for the family to buy bread. Now, a lot of you might say "oh, poor Ida had to go shopping for the family", but that's were you are wrong. Cause I volunteer to go there. It is the core of French society, and when I am at the market I really feel like I am part of the French community. No matter what weather, the market is packed, and everyone are talking and socializing as if it is the most normal thing to do. (plus, the guy who sells the bread I buy is really cute...) I mean, the markets in Norway are poor, small and pathetic compared to the markets in France. Now, the one in Colomiers is not the best one by far, but it has potential. And there are people EVERYWHERE! I love it =)

When I got back, I had a nice talk with Sandrine (the mum) while Morgan was doing her homework, and then after that I helped her with her English homework. =) And after that everything just went very fast. I helped Morgan make a card for Evanne, cause she was going to her birthday party, and then her dad came home and picked her up and then all of a sudden I was free to go. More updates on saturday night are coming later. Now I am tired and wet to the bone, so I am taking a loooooong and, most importantly, warm shower before getting a cup of steaming coffee...

Hope you all had a splendid weekend as well!


Nothing gets me down!

At least not when the sun is shining like it is now! I L-O-V-E  this weather, and it also makes me understand and remember why I love France so much! All I want now is for it to stay just the way it is.... (I know, it's a long shot, but hey, I can dream can't I?) 

Ok, I know I've not been the world's best blogger this week, but I just haven't had the "guts" to sit down and write about my days. (plus the fact that they haven't contained anything special...) As you know, on Tuesday I went into Toulouse to meet Silla and Mia, which was very nice. Yesterday Morgan had a "half day" at school, like on all Wednesdays. We went to Mdme Garros, her speech therapist, and after that we went home. The sun was shining so we spent a good deal of the day outside, and in the afternoon she went over to the neighbors to play there. Gerome came home around four, and he went to play with some friends too. So the most of the afternoon I was alone in the back garden in the sun with my book. Nice, yes I know. 

Today I haven't done much. I went to meet Meike and Klara at Airbus Café for a coffee, and then Meike drove me back to the house. Today the sky is absolutely blue, and the sun is really shining, so I went straight out in the back garden to get a little tan. Very nice to just lay there and read my book without thinking about anything else. After an hour or so with that, I scraped myself off the ground to go in an hang up the clothes, and iron the dry ones, and then I cleaned the hallway (amazing how much the parents wants their house to be spotless, but that they don't do anything to help that cause. Walking in with muddy shoes and staining the floors doesn't really put them high on my list, cause they expect me to clean up after them...)

After I finished my "chores" (in lack of a better word) I went back out in the garden for another hour and a half. Really nice with all this sun =D And now I'm taking a break, cause stupid as I am I didn't drink much... And then the shadows help a little. Now I'm basically supposed to start to get ready to pick up Morgan from school and get her to the swimming pool. Then wait there for an hour while she's swimming. hopefully we'll get picked up by the mum today, cause I know how tired Morgan will be after swimming. And then when we come home, I'll go for my thursday run and then just relax and hang out after that =) Sounds nice to me!

hope you're also having your days filled with sun and happy thoughts =)


"If I don't write down my thoughts, they run away. "

I went in to Toulouse today, to buy a new diary, hence the title of my entry, cause I've filled the two that my mum sent me (I either have a lot of cool things happening in my life, or I have a lot of problems... I'm hoping for the first one to say the least...) I got this really cute green spiraled book with cute little "pockets" inside to contain things. Classy ;)

 After I'd found the diary etc, I went to meet Silla for a drink, and she brought Mia. =) She is so cute, and was sitting on my lap and babling and laughing for the duration of our coffee-cups. Very nice =) Silla also brought me Eclipse, book nr three in the Twilight-saga, so I'm pretty content right now... I also got the american Cosmopolitan today, which just makes this day eeeven better! After I'd met up with Silla, I took the metro and the train back to Colomiers, to pick up Morgan from school. While standing outside the school gates, I get a phone call from Sandrine telling me that I don't have to pick up Morgan, because she has a play-date with a friend after school.....

 So, I got a ride home with Rachael, which was very nice, and then I just stayed alone in the house for a couple of hours, ironing and stuff. Morgan and her mum came home almost at the same time. Sandrine and I made lasagne, and then I went for a run. After I came back and had a shower, we all ate dinner together, which was very nice =) 

After dinner I read some English with Morgan before she went to bed, and now I am all ready for bed. But first, e-mail, facebook, msn and Eclipse <3

Hope you also had a nice tuesday =)
Bisous et bonne nuit,
Frenchie <3 


"Thanx to you, my life is now perfection!"

Yes, it is finally here; the "peculiar package" that my good friend Jenny sent me. It all started about a week ago, when I, again, complained that I wouldn't get an Easter-egg this year, and that I didn't have aaaanything here in France to make sandwiches with for breakfast and lunch. So, the original plan was that she was to send me some pick n' mix candy, cause she felt bad for me and wanted to be a lifesaver. Little did I know that I got more than I ever thought possible...

The package was waiting for me on the kitchen table when I came home from French-class, and it was so much bigger than what I thought! And when I opened it, I understood why; she hadn't just sent me candy, she's sent me the total content of a normal fridge! I got some candy, "Makrell i tomat" (which is basically mashed fish in tomato sauce), strawberry-jam, smoked ham (birkebeiner-skinke... nam!) "leverpostei" (it's almost the same thing as paté) and some mini-packs of butter. So fantastic! So, today for the first time since february, I sat down at the kitchen table with a piece of toast with "leverpostei" on it. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Jenny! You are an angel! Really....

She also has a blog, which is really good; jennystanker.blogspot.com 
Check it out ;)

Bonne nuit et grosses bisous,

The Frog, Seven, Shanghai and Norwegians!

Well, I am officially free! The vacations are now over, and I have the days to myself once again. Lovely, just lovely. Today I wallowed in the greatness that is freedom, I went to French course and then had a cup of coffee with Klara, and just simply relaxed and took my time. I like it!

I had the most perfect weekend in a very long time, so I thought that since I liked it so much, maybe you guys would too. So, here are the happenings of this saturday night...

Pont neuf at night. The colors underneath the bridge chance =)

I came in to Toulouse around five, and went straight to "L'école du coiffure" to see if they were able to squeeze me in. And they were! (I just had to wait for an hour and a half, but it was worth it) A really cool lady took care of me and cut my hear to perfection (nothing like "zee bad haircut"- experience you had Beth... hehe) After I'd paid (only 27 euros! and that includes a hair cure AND full brushing and blow-drying) I went to Monoprix, got my wine and redbull (I was aiming for wine spritzers that evening) and made my way home to Silla. There, we got ready, talked and just hung out until Klara came and we went to sit by "La Garonne" (the river that runs through Toulouse). We sat there for about three hours I think, drinking wine, eating strawberries and talking. When it got too dark and too cold(for some people) we got up and headed back to Silla's place to deposit the plastic cups(sophisticated, I know!) before we headed out again. This time, like last, we started out at "Frog&Roastbeef", in Irish/English (not sure of its nationality). After standing inside the bar for about ten minutes, we(Silla and I) walked past some French guys on our way to the bathroom. On our way back one of the stopped me and asked me if we wanted to stay with them and have a drink. And, of course, we accepted. They were very nice, and we had a very good time with them. 

Now, at the bathroom in this bar, we met these two French girls, called Stephanie and Melanie. They were really cool, and after a while with the French guys, Stephanie walked by us and asked if we wanted to join her and her friends at the other side of the bar. We figured that there would be more life there than where we were standing(the guys were somewhat boring unfortunately...) so we joined her and her friends instead. Which turned out to be a very good idea. Cause when Frog closed at 03:00, they wanted us to come with them to Seven, a dance-club. After deliberating(we, or I, kind of wanted to go out with the bartenders, cause I knew one of the girls) we decided to take them up on their offer, and walked to Seven with them.

Klara and Silla at La Garonne<3

When we came to Seven, we got in right away, which was nice. We didn't even have to pay, which I thought was great. (afterwards however, Stephanie told me that we sort of snuck in... haha) The club was great, we danced and drank and talked, and halfway through our stay Silla waved me over to her looking very excited. I had no idea what was coming at me, and I was awestruck when she told me that the three guys she was talking to were Norwegian! One of them, Erlend, was studying here in Toulouse, and his two friends Anton and Sebastian, were visiting him here. So we danced with them, talking, laughing and having fun. After a while however, they said they wanted to go to another club, and Silla and I suggested going to Shanghai. We did explain before we left that it was a gay club, but it didn't seem as though the guys cared. So, of we went.
Me at La Garonne with my new haircut!

When we got to Shanghai, we didn't have to wait to get in, so we were inside in about five minutes. When we got in however, Anton fiercely grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. "A guy just pinched my ass! You brought me to this gay-club, so now you have to pretend to be my girlfriend so no one else grabs me!" I have never laughed so hard me entire life! So, I did as he said, and stood close to him so he could have his arm securely around my waist. I just thought it was all very amusing, and just laughed at him basically. After a little while though, they were tired and done with the evening, so they went back to Erlend's palce to turn in. And shortly after Silla and I went back to her place too. When we came in, the clock showed 06:04. It was a very good evening!

Silla and me at Frog =)
The morning/afternoon on Sunday we woke up at 13:00 and were kind of disorientated for a little while before we remembered what we'd done and how late we'd been home. Klara left at around 14:00, cause she had some stuff to do, but I hung out for another hour at Silla's place. Around three though, I was very hungry, and also wanted to go outside in the sun, so I got ready and said bye to Silla. The sun was shining high on the sky, so I bought something to eat and sat outside in the sun at Place Capitole with my food and book, just enjoying the good weather. I grabbed the 16:25 train back to Colomiers, and went for a little walk before I went to the house to shower and unpack.

Me with the nice yet kind of boring French guys who bought us beer... 

So yeah, that was my weekend. I loved it, and I'm hoping for a Da capo this upcoming weekend. And then I'll also have Meike, who is coming back from Germany today! Am going to go meet her in Toulouse tomorrow, and I can't wait!

I hope you all had a very good weekend as well!

(oh, and I didn't upload any pics of the Norwegian guys because they all looked horrible. The pictures that is.. The Norwegian guys were actually kind of cute.. haha)


"Relax, take it easy"- Mika

Felt that this song-title worked well with my mood today. I had my alarm at nine o' clock, because the kids needed to be woken up. So then I figured that I might as well just take an extra hour to myself. And it worked. I took my book with me downstairs, made myself a cup of coffee and then went outside on the porch, in the sun. About forty minutes later the kids were both up. We all had breakfast together, and then I helped Morgan to get ready for her day of ping-pong, or table tennis if you will. Then, at 11:00, Gerome's math teacher came, and at 11:15 I walked Morgan to the park. After leaving her there with a friend and her friend's mother, I took a long walk on my way back to the house, thinking that Gerome wasn't alone, and that I couldn't really do anything of cleaning and such in the house when the math tutor was there. The walk was lovely by the way...

When the tutor left Gerome watched a movie while I cleaned, occasionally pausing it to laugh at my singing (I had my Ipod in my ears, so my singing might have been slightly off key...) or to try and sneak down to eat some chocolate (but I caught him every time! hah!). The cleaning took about an hour and a half, and when I was done I took a long shower and really washed. (I think I actually have red marks in my scalp from rubbing the shampoo in so hard...) I love the feeling of being completely clean, so now I'm exceptionally happy and satisfied... After toweling myself up and flinging on some clothes, I went down to make some lunch for Gerome and me. About two minutes before the food was done however, some friends of him rang the doorbell and he disappeared out the door. So I had a very calm lunch to myself in the sun. Nice! Now I am completely alone in the house, which is very nice. I love it when there is no screaming or banging of doors or something to that effect... (the kids are very good at making exceptionally high sounds that bug the living daylight out of me!)

Now I am simply just relaxing and reading my book, "New moon", which is the second book in the Twilight-saga. A lot of my friends think that I am a complete twit because I actually read books more than once.(think I've read the last Harry Potter book about six times... I love it, so don't mock me!) But I read very fast, so when I read the same book over and over again, I always pick up on some trivial thing that I didn't catch the last time. Because, believe me, if I really like the book, I kind of inhale it(those are my mother's words, not mine, but still... I see her point)

I would like to point out the fact that I've gotten Priscilla to read my Twilight-books, and she says that she loves them, and now I also got an e-mail from my lovely girl Beth in Germany saying that she has started reading them too! Hah! See, it pays of to listen to me girls, cause hey, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's books... =P

So yeah, all in all my day today is extremely calm, and I'm loving it. No stress, no problems, no nothing. Just me, my book and soothing music. And I like it!

I hope you all have an equally calm and lovely friday!


Not long until I get my freedom back now...

Ok, I know it sounds harsh, but if you had to constantly, and I mean constantly, be with two kids, not doing anything that YOU wanted to do, you'd be saying the same thing as I am now. They are great kids, if they want to be, and it's not extremely unpleasant to spend time with them, but after two weeks I've filled my quota... 

So, today they actually let me sleep to 11:00, which was really nice =) I woke up and got dressed, and went downstairs to make them breakfast. I had my coffee and breakfast outside today, seeing as the sun was out and the veranda was warm and cosy. Not long after, they followed. After eating, the kids did their homework outside, and then we basically stayed outside for most of the day. I actually like it when we are outside, because the more exercise they get, the less time and energy they have to fight with each other, or with me for that matter. So, we were out for the majority of the day. Now, Morgan is having her snack, and is watching some tv, while Gerome is outside playing football or something with some friends. The parents should be back soon, and then I can get out my energy on my thursday run =) So that'll be nice. Oh, and tonight I am watching "Westside story" that I borrowed from Rachael yesterday. Can't wait!!! 

Now, I only have two more days left of their vacation, and then I am free... Ooooh, that word tastes good in my mouth. Freedom... Yes please! And, this is the last vacation they have while I'm down here, which is also a very good thing. Cause that means that I actually have the time to really enjoy the last two months I have down here, without having them on my tail all the time... aaah, come on Monday, hurry up!

Hope you are all enjoying your thursday!

Happy birthday mommy! <3 I love you sooo much!

My mum and me in Paris <3

Today, my mum turns 50. And I am not there. She is the best mum in the world, no, in the entire universe, and I love her so much! She is always there for me, she always listens, and I know that she will never, ever leave me. She means so much to me that it is actually hard to find the words to describe.(and you who know me know that I don't normally have problems finding the words...) My mum is perfect, there is nothing else to say about her. She is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. It's as easy as that. I hope that one day, when I become a mum, I will be the kind of mum to my children as she has been and is to me. In one way, it is weird that I am not there with her today, on her big day, but then again, I think that there will be other occasions, other birthdays, where I can give her a huge hug and tell her how much I love her. 

Last night, I figured that I wanted to be the first one to say "happy birthday" to her. So, I stayed up until the clock showed "00:00" and then I called her. It was so nice to hear her voice, and to just talk to her. And, when she had me on the phone, she opened the present that I'd sent from France; the collage that I made of her and me! I was so glad that it made it there safely. And, my surprises do not stop there mum. You just wait and see, it isn't over yet ;)

Mum, I love you soooo much, and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful day and that everyone around you only look at you and tell you that they love you. You deserve to be the center of attention! I love you, celebrate yourself the way only you can!



The unpredictable day...

... and no, I'm not talking action-wise, I'm talking weather-wise... Ok, so I woke up to sun at around nine. At eleven, when I walked Morgan to the park, it was raining. An hour or so after I came back, we had sun again for a couple of hours (I was then, of course, out in the garden on a blanket soaking it up!) but then around three, we had a hail storm(yes, I know!) And then from there and throughout the rest of the day it was raining just sort of on and off. A very peculiar day indeed... Action-wise it was good though; I left Morgan in the park around eleven with her friend and the friend's mother. I walked back, and just hung out with Gerome for a wee while. Then I had lunch, Gerome went out to play with some friends (this was around two o' clock) and then he didn't come home before six fifteen when Morgan came back. The mum came home early, so she did the dinner, and after dinner I went for a walk and dropped by Rachael's place and sat there just talking to her for an hour or so. And now I'm back in bed, ready to watch some Friends and read some Twilight, and then hopefully entering a good night's sleep... (cause the last few days I have NOT been able to actually fall asleep. I lay in bed twitching and turning, without ever being able to just simply drift away... annoying!)

Oh and yeah! Jenny, a friend of mine, has sent me a "Peculiar-package" today! I cannot wait too see what it contains! I know it is a little bit of "pick n' mix" candy (because I didn't have any Easter egg... aaah, bless Jenny!) but she also said that she and her dad had gone to the store together and found some other stuff too... And that they were laughing when they were getting this stuff (which of course then makes me wonder what the heck she put in my package!) AND, she said that some of the things she bought had to be put into empty makeup- containers so that she would be ABLE to send it! I have NO clue WHATSOEVER as to what it is she has just sent! And, since she will not budge, and hasn't told me what a single thing is, I just have to endure the wait... Man, I am curious!

Do any of you have any suggestions as to what she might have sent me?! Cause if you do, pleeeease tell me!

Bonne nuit et bisous,

My mind is acting up on me. When did I become such a patriot?

I have reasoned with myself today. I have come to understand that I am a true patriot, and that I love Norway(despite the cold winters and the rain). And I had to stop for a minute, and think about why, all of a sudden, I was acting like this. Cause, before I left, I can't remember being this  in love with my home country. And apparently, what worked for me was moving out of it. Cause really, I do think that that the reason for me becoming a patriot and Norway lover is that I haven't lived in Norway for such a long time. And let me tell you, that really opens up your eyes...

Most of all, I miss my family (duuh, of course). I also miss the temperature, and throughout "winter" down here, I really missed the real Norwegian winter! (yes I know. weird isn't it?) I miss the sandwiches, I miss the way the seasons really turn over into each other at home, I miss my friends, the fact that everyone at home understands everything that I say, and that I don't have to make an effort to BE understood. I miss the salads, I miss the culture, the way we do more out of holidays and festive days than what they do down here...

Did you guys know that during the "cold period" down here, they don't eat fresh vegetables? No, I'm totally serious! From october to mid march, I ate maybe three tomatoes and four leaves of salad.. They apparently do it to keep warm, but I still think that it's weird...

The family wrinkled their noses the first time I cooked an egg and spread it out over my sliced bread, and they laughed when I put cheese and tomatoes on another piece. 

Here in France the word "lunch" means a huge meal; serioulsy. They eat two dinners a day. Oh yeah, and the have dinner around eight o' clock in the evening.

They have a dessert EVERY day after dinner; chocolate mousse, cookies, you name it, they eat it!

Oh, and for breakfast they eat cookies, bread with butter and nesquick powder and cold chocolates... Weird right?

Well, I have come to the (obvious) conclusion that I am a Norwegian at heart, and that wherever I am in this world I will always want to go back home. I think that these thoughts are emerging now because it's only 65 days until I again walk on Norwegian ground... (I'll come back to my thoughts on that in another entry, cause that's an entirely different subject...)


My "I-want-to-do-this-before-I-die" list...

Ok, I figured that I would share this list of mine with you. This is my "I-want-to-do-this-before-I-die" list. Now, wether or not I will be able to do all of these things, I am not sure, but I know that I have to try to do them all...

1) Go to India, feel the culture and visit Taj Mahal
2) skydiving
3) take a scoobadiving certificate so I can do free dives with Somaiah
4) donate blood
5) volunteer for a good cause
6) become a mother (not right away mum, calm down...)
7) complete a university degree
8) write a book
9) I want to travel and just live life
10) I'd like to be able to say that my life motto is "Hakuna matata"...
11) bunji jump!
12) I really want to go to New Zealand and visit Maori tribes and see how they live
13) Want a summer house in France (preferably around the Nice or Axe areas)
14) Own a dog (don't think that'll be a problem though, seeing as though I am a total dog person...)
15) Go see the pyramids in Egypt
16) Go on a wildlife safari in Africa
17) See the entire of Norway (and no Silla, that ain't a stupid thing to do, cause Norway is "bigger" than you think...)
18) get aboard as part of a crew on a sailboat and sail around the world
19) go to America again, this time to Chicago and Texas, to visit both Beth and Haley.
20) attend a midsummer night party in Sweden
21) become a grandmother (again, not right away mum...)
22) be a maid of honor
23) be a bride
24) go back to Thailand
25) Study abroad for 6 months/a year
26) Go to Rome!
27) have the perfect apartment 
28) Have a job I love
29) Go "Down under" (aka Australia)
30) never forget my ability to speak French
31) Travel the world
32) Read all the books I ever wanted to read and see all the movies I ever wanted to see
33) Be able to not care about what other people think about me
34) Be 100% me
35) Live my life the way I want it to be lived
36) Island- hopping in Greece 
37) Really learn how to sing
38) ice-skate together with the one I love (you know, like in the "corny" way)
39) See New York and do the "Sex and the city" Guided tour
40) get a piercing / or a tattoo...

Now, these are just a scrap of what I want to do before I die, but I figured I'd start easy on you all... My only problem with this list is that every time I do something on it, I add another point. Like; "going back to Thailand" came up after I was in Thailand last christmas... So I might not ever finish it... Nut hey, at least it's worth a try, and I think it's a good thing to have a list of goals that I want to achieve in life....

Do you guys have a list like mine?

West side story; a must see for everybody!

The best musical ever <3

To the left; the Sharks and to the right; the Jets
Tony and Maria, the couple this musical happens around <3

Last sunday, when I slept at Rachael's place, we watched "Westside story" before going to bed. And I have been missing out! This is a musical that everyone can watch and enjoy. Just the fact that is was filmed for the first time in 1961, and I can enjoy it now 50 years later, is a proof of that. 

The movie is adapted from a the Broadway play with the same name. This Broadway play was again written and played out with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" as a muse. It is possible to see the similarities between the two plays; in both there are rival groups (R&J has the fighting families, WSS has the fighting gangs "Jets" and "Sharks") and in both of them a boy and a girl from the two different groups fall in love. 

I was actually not sure about it in the beginning, seeing as it looked so old etc, but man did I learn not to judge a book by it's cover. I fell in love with the music, costumes, actors and sceneries. It was absolutely perfect!

So, for all of you who have yet to see it, run out and rent it from your local video-store. I mean ut; if you haven't seen it, you have to! Afterwards, it'll be as though you are complete, and as though "a missing piece" has been fitted. 

It is a beautiful story, with very talented actors, and the best music a musical has ever had. Go, rent, enjoy!



Sunshine, and Twilight all over again <3

Literally, the man of my dreams...

Ok, today really wasn't as bad as my cunning mind wanted me to think it was going to be. I only had Gerome until around five, and the sun was shining, so we just basically just spent the day outside, playing cards and basketball =) Had a nice day with him, and I am actually really glad for that. Cause that means that we actually work together, which is sort of a relief...

Morgan came home around five, and we were outside having fun until around seven, when the parents came home. When they came, I went for my run in the sun. Very nice indeed, and then afterwards I had a long shower where I tried out this "cure" thing for my hair... So now it smells of vanilla and strawberries =) I like that...

I have also started reading Twilight all over again. I can't help it, this series has put a spell on my mind, and I am totally hung up on it. I just love the way Stephenie Meyer writes! And I just loooove everything about these books. So yeah, I have started all over again. And I am NOT ashamed of myself for not reading "more important" books either... =P

So, that's all for now folks! Sleep tight and dream sweet dreams! I for one hope that my dreams will be filled with the gorgeous Edward Cullen... =D
Bisous et bonne nuit,

"I'm yours" - Jason Mraz

Well, my beloved long weekend is now over, and I am yet again engulfed in the beautiful task that is watching children. Well, ok. the OK task that is watching children. Here are my weekends escapades;

Saturday afternoon I took the train in to Toulouse and went home to Priscilla. We had a couple of drinks and a very good chat before we went to an Irish pub called "Frog and roast beef". The place was packed, but with more French people than we would have thought actually. But, we figured it was because every English speaking person was home on vacation, so we "stuck it out". I met a Danish guy there, Ask, who had just gone to Toulouse to learn French, and ended up with a job at "Frog and roast beef". He was my age, and very funny. Plus, he got all the free drinks he wanted from the bar since he worked there, which is always a plus. After a fantastic evening, Silla and I left "the crime scene" (if you will) around three thirty. 

Sunday Klara came in and we just hung out for a couple of hours, just talking and stuff. I took the train back to Colomiers with Klara around four thirty, and went home to Rachael. There I had a lovely afternoon and evening, and I slept over. Monday was a very good day, seeing as it was both warm and a teeny bit sunny. So we basically spent the day on her porch, and in the afternoon I cooked dinner for us and we watched a detective program before I went back here to the house. I went up to my room, took a shower and went to bed, just to find out that my body did not want to sleep. So, I logged on to MSN, and hung out on Facebook for a while, until finally my eyelids started drooping around 01:00. And then I fell a sleep...

Today Morgan was picked up by her friend's mum around 11:30, cause she is doing some activities this week (thank God!) So now it's basically just me and Gerome here. Which is OK I guess. He is a little bored, cause none of his friends are around today, but hey; that's life dude!

So yeah, in general my weekend was really lovely. I had a wonderful time just relaxing and having fun, which is exactly what I needed...

Hope you all also had a nice weekend =)


Swim little fishes, swim!

Me and the best people in the world at the summer house summer 08! :D

Ok, so this headline has two meanings. First of all, I came to think about this upcoming summer, and how much I am looking forward to it. I mean, technically I'll actually have "two"; one here in France that starts sort of mid May, and then the second one when I come home the 20th of June. Can't wait to go to the beach with the girls like EVERY sunday when the weather becomes warm and summery! :D I am thinking that I need to savour these moments here in the sun when it comes and stays for good, cause I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of working during july month when I come home... But hey, some extra money is always good to have right?! :D 

the second reason why I chose this headline is that I am taking the kids swimming tomorrow! Yeah, that's right, we're going out of the house! And I am sooo looking forward to it! I mean, not only will I be able to get out of the house and have fun with the kids, I'll also be able to get some exercise! Which is great. Plus I love swimming, and I haven't done that in a wee while. So yeah, that'll be good I guess. 

Today was, by far, the SLOWEST off all days. The kids literally stayed inside the house all day, doing nothing but watching tv, playing play-station and doing some homework. I cleaned and just sat on my ass and read my book or fed my addiction (read: internet) So I think we'll all benefit from going to the pool tomorrow actually =)

Hope you've all had a more happening day than me!
Bisous et bonne nuit,

Ode to Odd Reza, and some other shit...

This is how an easter egg looks like to me. And I don't get one this year!!!

Yeah, I just have to say this; for all you Norwegian speaking people, check out Odd Rezas blogg! 


This is a completely random blog, but I find it to be utterly amazing! I am laughing so hard whenever I tune in on this page. It really is a good blog...

So, that was the tip of today, on to other greater things ; or not... Nothing exciting has happened here today. I woke up at nine thirty, went down and did the breakfast for the kids. While they were doing their homework I was cleaning, which is not my favorite thing in the world to do. But hey, now I only have to clean nine(!) more times before I go home! And THAT is a positive thing! makes the cleaning easier in some ways... Hah! =P 

Now that I am done with the cleaning, my day is wiiiide open. Really. The kids don't want to go out cause it's a cloudy day (I really don't get this family some times. They treat a cloudy and windy day as though it is a full storm... Weird. The parents literally say to the kids that they don't have to go outside when there is no sun... weird!)

So, I guess I'll just check my facebook and e-mail (again, my ADDICTION!) and watch some Friends- series, and then make myself a cup of tea and read my book in the big couch downstairs... Yeah, that doesn't sound half bad to be honest.

Oh, yeah, one more thing; found out that there is one thing that I will really miss this easter; my easter-egg! Really! I mean, in Norway we have big eggs that are made of paper or plastic, and they can be opened. And then your parents fill them with candy, and then you have an easter egg hunt! And this year I won't have that, which kind of sucks. But hey, that gives me an excuse to have the BEST easter egg ever next year... Cause in my head that sounds fair...

Well, anyways. Hope you all get to be a little bit more outside than what I will get to be today, and that you are enjoying Easter wherever you are!


I've seen the sun!

Today has been absolutely lovely! As I said, the morning was kind of slow, but hey, most mornings are like that when it comes to me... After Gerome came back with a friend, I took Morgan to the park and we were there for a little more than three hours. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was so warm that the wind didn't bother me at all =D I loved it! I was reading my book while she was playing and picking flowers, we had snack, and then we were back here around 17:30. Such a lovely day! I hope you all back home and everywhere else are having the same splendid weather as I am! :D

Congrats Henrik! =D

(Haha, I HAD to take this picture! Don't hate me...)

Today is the birthday of my little sister's best friend, Henrik, so that calls for a gratulation entry on my blog! I absolutely love this picture, think it is the funniest in the world (he might not, but hey, it's my blog! haha) So yeah, happy birthday Henrik! I hope it turns out just the way you wanted it to, and that everything goes your way today! Enjoy!

Birthday hugs from Frenchie =)

"Peter/Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"

" She sells sea-shells on the sea shore, and the shells she sells are sea-shore-shells!"

"How much wood would a wood-peck peck if a wood-peck could peck wood?!"

"Peter/Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled pepper Peter/Piper picked. If Peter/Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, then where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter/Piper picked??"

Yeah, in lack of any new anecdotes or amusing stories, I've dug out some riddles for you. So enjoy! My day so far has been pretty slow. Gerome slept at a friend's house, so it's only been Morgan and me here today. Which is very easy. Gerome and his friend are coming here around two, and then we are going to the park so they can play some football and stuff while I relax in the sun. So yeah, a pretty laid back day...

Enjoy the easter!


Online-addiction and semi-boredom...

Yeah well, I gotta admit this. I am now realizing that I have developed an addiction to internet and the wonders it contains... (such as facebook, msn, hotmail and blogs to name a few) I mean, in my defense it is my one and only connection to other people, (am now on purpose not counting in my crappy "WW1" cell...) and I do love my friends and family in Norway... So i suppose that makes it all right! =D Hurra!

Well, ok. So the parents came home around six thirty, we had dinner and then I went for a walk in twilight. I like that word, dunno why really... Had a good time, just walked around and "arranged" my thoughts. think I walked around for like an hour before I went back here and went straight for the computer (you see?! ADDICTION!) And in my Facebook-inbox I had the cutest little e-mail from my cousin Fanny! So sweet! So hey Fanny, thanx for the great little mail, and you will survive, cause Maren is coming up tomorrow ;) Just play a little casino and Monopoly with uncle Trond, and you're all good to go!

Now I am turning in folks, cause another day of baby-sitting awaits me tomorrow! (oh please tomorrow, take a long time to arrive... I need my sleep sooo badly...) 
Bonne nuit et grosses bissous,
frenchie <3

All the things I miss out on keeps tumbling down on me...

I just started to think a little, and I'm now understanding that I am missing out on a couple of things at home that I don't really want to miss out on. I mean, I knew that I wouldn't celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve at home, but I didn't think that I would be doing easter and 17th of May (the national day of Norway) down here to. Or that I would miss out on my mum's 50th birthday! Well, I knew, but I didn't really think about it that much. And now that I have all this time, it's sometimes all I can think about. I know that it's not really a big deal, cause mort of these things I'll be able to do next year and all the other years I live, but still. I won't get an Easter egg this year, or be able to do the traditional breakfast with my family and friends on 17th of May, or any of the other stuff! And it's kind of weird to think about it... 

Right now, as I am writing, my family is at our winter cabin, preparing for the "real" Easter, with egg hunt, marzipan and all the other cozy stuff we do. And I'm not there! I mean, O.K., I get to experience another culture and all that shit, but it isn't the same, it really isn't. But then again I think that this is my year of experiences, and that I would've regretted it terribly if I hadn't gone. SO, I guess the joke's on me! =P 

So everybody else, enjoy your easter egg hunts, and all your other wonderful Easter traditions! I'll just be down here, doing the "French thing"... =P

To the park we go!

The weather wasn't sunny today, but it wasn't raining either. The kids woke me up around ten, I went down and we had breakfast together. Then, during my second cup of coffee, they did their homework and I helped where I could. (I find that my math, history and english skills exceeds my French skills...) After the homework of the day was done and stowed away, the kids did as they wished for about an hour or so, and then Gerome took off. He went to a friend's house, and is not due back before six o' clock. So, after his departure, I made and packed lunch, and then Morgan and I went to the park. It was nice, even though it wasn't my weather choice... We stayed there for about two hours or so, having lunch, relaxing on the blanket and picking flowers. We went back around four, cause then we were both a little bit chilled and bored of the park. When we came back Morgan did the rest of her homework while I started to prepare dinner and now she is outside in the garden collecting insects... (don't ask me why, I didn't ask cause I didn't really wanna know why...) 

Now, since we are in the Easter vacation, it is tradition for me to read a thriller or crime-book. And I have found the perfect one; "Death du jour" by Kathy Reichs. It is about a forensic anthropologist who gets the worlds worst case in her hands; an entire family of five is killed and then their house is set fire to. When the two baby boys arrive on her table, she sees some of the worst things in her entire career. This books entwines killing and satan worshiping in a splendid combination, and the author is said to be exceeding the works of well known writer Patricia Cornwell.

Now, I've read and loved all the books of Cornwell, and that is what actually made me pick this book out of Rachael's wardrobe when I was book searching. It really does send chills down my spine, which is what a really good easter-book should do. I'm only on page 111, but it's really turning out to be a GOOD book. And I can't wait to keep on reading it. I'd advise everyone else who reads my blog to do the same. And you should actually start with her first book to get the background material on the sequal. The first book is called "Dejà dead". I haven't read it, but I sure as hell want to!

Enjoy your vacations, where you are spending them (that being either my parents in the snow at our cabin, my friends at home in the city or my American girl Beth who, as I'm writing, is probably lying on the beach in Greece...)



At the end of the day...

My mum and my dad when they visited me here in France =)

It wasn't really all bad today after all. I mean, ok; the kids got on my nerves a couple of times, but we were all shut up inside the house the entire day, so then who wouldn't get a little annoyed? 
(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) The parents came home around seven, so then I just helped them unpack some of the grocery shopping, and then I went for a run. I absolutely love it that I am now able to run longer and faster than what I did when I started; kind of makes me want to do it you  know? =D 

After my run I took a quick shower and went down to have some dinner, and then I just went up to my room and talked to my mum and dad on skype for a little more than half an hour. So nice! And they were on my dad's computer, so I could see them in the webcam and everything! SO wonderful. And I laughed hard a couple of times too, cause my dad is so funny... (man I miss his little stunts. really, he can be extremely hilarious!) And now that I'm done talking to them, I am just going to watch some "Friends" and relax before I turn off the lights, put on my sleeping mask (which works wonders, I must say!) and go to bed... Aaah, yes, and then tomorrow another day begins... Well, at least the weather is supposed to be nice... 

Hope you all had a little bit more eventful day than me actually...

Happy birthday Beth!

Beautiful Beth =)

I am donating a blog entry to my good friend Beth today, because it's her birthday! Happy birthday hun! You are the coolest American ever! I am SO glad that I got to meet you and to get to know you, and I will never ever forget you! Enjoy Greece and your "American present" for all it's worth! I hope you have a blast, and that your birthday is all you ever imagined it would be!

Big birthday hugs for you from me! =) <3

je t'aime vraiement beaucoup! 

When you've got nothing to do...

Yeah, well, the header literally says what's happening down here today. Apparently, wishing for good weather is not such a smart thing to do, cause it really doesn't work! SO, today I've really not done that much, cause it's bloody raining outside. Wish I was going to Greece with Beth... 

But, something good came out of it all! I changed my header and background on my blog, and I've got to say that I really like it =) Nothing really fancy, I know, but hey, this is me we're talking about...


SHANGHAI! Oh, and the first day of vacation...

So, you're back are you? Well, guess it's a good thing for me, cause it means that I'm not only writing crap, and also that you want to hear what I am doing down here... SO, if that's why you're in here again, then I'll give you what you want to see; my weekend update!

Friday I went to Cotton Club with Meike, Tina and Kevin. Meike had to leave a little early unfortunately cause she was going home the next day (as I write, she is at home in Germany, that little *PIP*)   It was a really great night, and I think I was back in the house at around twelve. 

On saturday, I went into Toulouse around seven, and met up with Silla and Klara at Silla's place. We hung out there for a while, drinking beer and wine and such, before we at 23:30 got a move on and headed towards De Danu. When we got there it took about five minutes before Klara and Silla had worked their magic (or should I say assets?) and found some really funny guys who wanted to buy us alcohol. Very good indeed. The bar got fuller and fuller, and at one point I encountered an entire rugby team from Cork, Ireland. I had i BLAST! There were also this bunch of hard rock/black metal enthusiasts who literally got down on their knees for me when they heard I was from Norway (apparently we have a lot of good bands in that music genre) So yeah, that was fun. When De Danu closed at around three, we started to go back to the apartment, but Silla and I weren't tired at ALL! So, we decided to go to Shanghai, which is a dance club next to Silla's apartment. We got in without trouble, and danced our asses off until six o' clock in the morning! And, the best part about this place is that it is a very known place for gay people in Toulouse. So, for the first time I could really smile at the guys there (cause if you smile to a guy in a bar in France it literally means that you want to have sex with him) and truly be myself. Which I must say was a fantastic feeling! =D so much fun! 

On Sunday we woke up and I had nooooo hang over! So lucky and happy =D hehe. (think it was the dancing that did it to be honest.) Silla was still kind of tired, so she stayed in the apartment when Klara and I left. We walked around in the sunshine, got some food at Mc Donalds (yes I know. But it's true "the day after" food and it is required) then we just talked and had a really good time in the sun, we went to this really cute "Crépes" place where they have REAL coffee (!) and sat there for a long time, and the, finally, at around 6 o' clock, Klara's sister and dad came with the bus from the airport =) She was SO happy! =D Then, after meeting them, I let Klara have her family for herself and took the metro and train back to Colomiers, where I had a very nice evening and dinner with Rachael before I went back to the house and went to bed.

Oh yeah, and today was the first day of the vacation, and it went surprisingly well, I must say. The weather was great so we were outside most of the day, just having fun. =) I made dinner for me and the kids and after that the parents came home. I went for a long walk and envied all the people with both dogs and swimming pools in their gardens, and then I came back here, took a shower, and now here I am... =)

Hope you are all enjoying your days!


A marvelous Friday and now I am waiting for my Saturday night to kick inn...

Yeah, the weekend is here, and with it also came the easter vacation for the kids. So now I am looking at two weeks of that. Will be easy I guess, it's just that I am sort of bound to the house and the kids... Yeah, well, that's life I guess. Plus, it isn't that bad, cause they are good kids, and I'm guessing that, just like with the previous ones, this holiday will pass by quickly too. And it is as I have said before the last holiday I will be watching the kids. So...

Ok, so yes. Yesterday I went to Cotton Club in Colomiers with Meike, Tina and Kevin. Tina is a Norwegian exchange student who lives at Kevin's house, and they are really great people. Plus, I have to talk french when I talk to them, even though Tina and I unconsciously slip over into Norwegian sometimes. So yeah, I met them at Cotton Club last night, and had a very good time! Meike couldn't stay for so long, which was kind of sad cause she leaves for Germany today and won't be back for about 16 days. But at least I got to say good bye, and it's not as if it's the last goodbye either I mean... So yeah, after Meike left Tina, Kevin and I stayed until around twelve, and then I had to go back to the house seeing as I was supposed to work today. But hey, it was a great evening!

Today I woke up at nine, and was first told that I didn't have to work cause Morgan wanted to go with her dad and brother to work today. But, about an hour after they left that dream got smashed. The mum called me and said that Morgan wasn't feeling well at all, so she was taking her back home to me. But, it hasn't been bad at all really. She came home, I made her an early lunch, we watched a movie together (Peter Pan; incredibly for me to watch it at this age. Love it!) and then she actually just went to bed and slept for about two and a half hours. And now she's downstairs watching tv and almost falling asleep again. Poor little thing. She also slammed a door on her finger... Ouch... 

But so yeah, now I'm basically waiting for the dad and Gerome to come home and then I can leave =) I am going to hit De Danu (the Irish pub) with Klara and Silla, and I can't wait :D

Oh, and it's my friend Martin's birthday today, so happy birthday! =D

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!


When you can't do what you like to do, you have to try to like what you have to do...

Jepp, that's right. I can't do what I'd like to do right now, so therefore I have to try to like what I have to do. Which in my case means cleaning. Because yes, again it's Friday, and that means cleaning for me. Now, I don't really want to clean, cause it's really not fun at all, but right now I am trying to man myself up to do it, cause it has to be done. I've told myself that I have to start at 12:00, cause then I'll have plenty of time. You see, I am not picking up Morgan from school today, cause she is playing with a friend, so I have "all the time in the world" to do this cleaning. And, honestly, it only takes about two hours with music on my ears, so it really shouldn't be this much of a "problem" for me. It's just that it is soooo boring. But, after I am done with the cleaning this friday, I only have to clean ten more times, because today it is 11 weeks until I go home. Or, more accurately, saturday it's 11 weeks. 

It is weird thinking about the fact that I am going home soon. And weird to think about the fact that my "life" here in France is coming to an end. I am having split feelings about this whole going home thing. I mean, obviously I am going to miss the kids, cause they are great. I am, however, not really going to miss the whole "au pair" situation that I have landed myself up in. Cause let's face it, I didn't really score the best family on earth. I am also going to miss the girls, and also Rachael and her boys when I go home. It's going to be weird not having them as a normal part of my everyday life. Now, on the other hand, I am very much looking forward to going home and seeing my family and friends again. I feel that I want to go home right now, that I want to be "myself" again. I can't wait to be able to just think about myself, and to start my studies in the fall. To be on my own, take care of myself and just be me... 

I know that these 11 weeks will move fast. Just like the other weeks and months have. It feels as though I came here just yesterday. It is a weird feeling to be honest. I love France, and I always will do, but I don't think I'll be devastated when my time here is up. I have too much to look forward to when I come home, too much to look forward to. I mean, when I come home, I won't have one, but  TWO, beautiful nieces waiting for me! And just that in itself is reason enough to go home. I was looking at pictures of my family here the other day, and then a lot of pictures of my 3 year old niece popped up. And I feel that I really want to see her, hold her and hug her. And just the thought that I in 11 weeks from tomorrow will be able to do that, is enough to lift my spirits way through the roof. Cause I miss her, and I miss my family. Not so much that I think bout them all the time, no no, but it is weird not being in the same country as them, not being able to just visit my sisters or just picking up the phone for a talk. But hey, there is "light in the end of the tunnel" so to speak. Only 11 weeks left to go. Only 77 days until I can hug my sister, my mum and my dad, and be able to say that I am home...

But for now, I clean...
frenchie :) <3


This one's for you mum ;)

From the left; Peter, Carl & Rachael =)

Well, here you go mum! I finally located them. This is a picture of my good friend Rachael and her two boys, Peter and Carl. This picture was taken on Carl's 12th birthday, where I was invited =) It was a really nice evening...

Now, for today's "news". Nothing grand has happened over the last 24 hours, other than that the dishwasher needs rinsing (which means that I have to wash all the dirty dishes by hand) and that I've quit my French class on thursdays. It just didn't help me AT ALL. The teacher was horrible, she couldn't learn me anything, she was the only one reading and talking, and we who were there to actually learn French were lucky to talk maybe twice. So, from now on I only have french class on mondays, which suits me good. Cause the teacher we have then is G-R-E-A-T! 

So, today I don't really have a lot to do, to be honest. I mean, I have to wash up all the dishes by hand, but that takes me max thirty minutes, and then I have to pick up Morgan and take her to the pool, cause today's Thursday. So, until then, I am just going to relax with my coffee and my book, and not really do anything at all =)

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!
Frenchie <3


Fool's day... (+ missing my little sister)

Yes, fool's day has arrived in France. And, I still have not been fooled! Very pleased with myself. Don't really care particularly much for this day, but hey... If course it's down here in France too... (yeah, for the record now Marie, my cousin Fanny's friend just fooled me, so there goes my good score!) I've had a very calm and non interesting day today really. Didn't do much at all... Woke up, picked up Morgan from her speaking teacher and then took the bus home together with her. And then after that Gerome came home, and we have basically just been outside in the garden playing football, and that's it! (So much for good and versatile experiences in France, I must say...) 

Now, mum, I couldn't find the pics of Rachael and her boys, but I am SURE that I have put their pics in one of my folders on Facebook, so why don't you just go in there and check? (I mean, since you do check your account about once a month, you wouldn't be throwing your beat off, seeing as we are now i April...) But, I did however give you my all time favorite picture, which was taken by Hanna summer 08. I absolutely L-O-V-E this picture of Maren and me. 

I will also use this entry to tell you guys that I am actually missing her quite a lot. It is weird not having her here all day. (Even though I've got to say that the singing 24/7 got a little on my nerves sometimes...) I miss all the talks we used to have in the couch after school, just her and me, and I miss being able to just talk to her, you know? Oh well, I'll see her in 11 weeks anyways, cause that's when I'm coming home! In only 11 weeks! Man, that's not long!

Got to be honest with you all, the time here has passed by pretty quickly. I can not believe that we are already in April! It's just like-snap- your time's almost up! Now, I am really looking forward to coming home, but I do have mixed feelings. I will miss the kids, and also the girls a whole lot! (but we already have plans about at least three reunions after this summer, so hey... haha) 

I have actually already chucked out almost all the things I don't want to/can't take with me home to Norway, and I am now hoping (very much finger crossing in this ) that I will not go over the 20 kg limit on my luggage... =P Now, it would be wrong of me to say that I've had enough of France, cause that is really not possible in my case. But, something that I am looking forward too when coming home, is the ability to JUST think about me, and what I need... Now, I know that it sounds selfish, but hey! You would all think the same if you'd been in charge of two kids for over seven months... (I'm starting to get some newfound respect for you though mum, just so you know...) 

Now, I have to go down to make the dinner, so you guys just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing, and then I'll try to keep my blogging sort of regular...
Frenchie <3