Toulouse, Mia and rain.

Well, another day has passed, and today I actually did something worth mentioning(believe it or not...) I went in to Toulouse to meet up with Klara, Meike and Silla. We were supposed to see if I could sell my old english books in a second hand store there, and then go for a cup of coffee. So, we all met up, and then Silla comes walking towards us with Mia, the little six month old that she is a nanny for! And I mean, OH MY GOSH what a cute little baby! She was teeny tiny, and all she did was smile and laugh... =) I am now mentally hitting myself on the head for not bringing my camera, cause she was sooo cute. But, another time, another place. So, after gushing over Mia for a while, we all went to this bookstore, which was a complete waste of time. It turns out that the only second hand English books they buy from you are ones containing Shakespeare and Jane Eyre and stuff like that. So, instead I just gave all the books to Silla... At least then she has something to do in the holidays when she's off ;) 

After the disastrous visit to the stupid bookstore, we went to the "old part" of Toulouse to have a cup of coffee there. It was really nice, cause we all just sat around and talked and stuff. =) And we kept passing Mia around between each other, playing with her and stuff. And she was really nice, no crying, just laughing and babbling and looking at you, surveying all your moves. Very adorable, yes indeed! 

When Meike went to her French class at two o' clock, we others sat around for a little while longer before Klara went to find a birthdaypresent for her brother, and then I took the metro and train back to Colomiers to pick up Morgan. Silla walked her five meters home with Mia (lucky bi**h!) I picked up Morgan, we went home, and she had a friend that came over to play. It was all very easy and nice today really, even though the weather wasn't at its greatest... And then when the mum came home around seven, I went for a run in the rain. They all laughed at me and called me crazy, but I actually like to run in the rain... =)

Hope you all also had a good day today =)
Frenchie <3 


Weekend update + I've got daisy's...

Well, here I am again, with this weekend's update and some general news for you all. And sorry I'm a little "late" on the whole update, but I almost did not have internet yesterday...

Now, Friday was nothing special. I cleaned and watched some "Friends" before I walked to Morgan's school to pick her and a friend up. When the parents came home that evening I went out to meet Meike and Klara at Cotton Club, and we spent a good two hours there just talking and having a good laugh over a drink. It was, indeed, a very nice evening... 

Saturday, I didn't really work. Or, I woke up around ten, went down for breakfast, helped Morgan with her homework, and then at lunch the parents explained that since Gerome had a match outside of Colomiers, and the dad was taking Morgan to the movies, I was literally free for the rest of the day. So, they all left the house around one o' clock, and I left around five, to meet Klara at the bus station. We took the bus together to Tournefeuille, where we walked to the supermarked (ten minutes walk my ass Meike, try 35... haha) We bought the dinner and such, and then we drove home to Meike in Plaisance du Touche where the three of us were spending the night. We wantched "Intolerable cruelty" and "Hairspray", and the evening was perfect! Now, because we had to set the clock one hour foreward, we lost one hour of sleep, and when we set it forward, Meike and I found out, to our horror, that it wasn't 02:15, but 03:15. So then we basically went to bed. On Sunday Meike drove Klara and me back to Colomiers around 12:30, and I spent the rest of the day together with Rachael and her two boys Peter and Carl. First we went to the forest for a nice walk, and I picked some gorgeous flowers, and then we went to the swimming pool after lunch. We were there for almost three hours or something! And it was really nice. =) After that we went back to their house, where we had pizza and a salad while we watched some tv. I was back in the house around 22:00, after a perfect weekend... =)

Today(Monday) I went to my French course, as usual, and after that I had a coffee with Meike and Klara at Airbus. We also worked out that I only have 11 and a half weeks left down here, and for a moment we were all a little bit down because of that, but hey, we have SO much to look forward too! (trips to Sweden and Norway in the summer and Oktoberfest in Munchen in the end of September) That is what I will miss the most when I go home, just the ability to hang out with my girlfriends down here.... But, as my mum said, life goes on, and I know that in these girls I have friends for life! :D 

Oh yeah, and I picked daisy's today, so my room looks a little bit brighter that before =)  (hence the title and picture of this entry...)

Hope you all had a nice day and weekend, cause I know I did!
Frendhie <3


No work? Yes please :D

Well, this basically turned out to be the best saturday ever. I woke up around ten, and then went down to have breakfast. I helped Morgan with some of her homework, and then at lunch the parents said that I didn't have to work anymore today, cause Gerome had i basket ball match outside Colomiers, and the dad was going to take Morgan to the new Disney-movie. So, at 13:00 I was alone in the house, and have been since. Yay!

So, I've used my free time in a very good way; I've emptied my closet and thrown away all the clothes and shoes that were either destroyed or in such a state that I did not want to take them with me back home. So now my closet looks much more tidier, and I am now no longer afraid of going over 20 kg on my baggage when I'm going home. =) 

Yesterday, I had a very nice evening with Meike and Klara. We met up at Cotton Club for a drink, and ended up sitting there for about two hours just talking about everything and nothing. Very nice indeed! And today I am taking the bus to Tournefeuille with Klara, where we are going to meet Meike and do some food shopping. Cause we are having a girls night at Meike's place in Plaisance =) I can't wait! It's actually been quite a while since the three of us did that together. So this will be very nice I think. And then tomorrow I am spending the afternoon and evening at Rachael's place, where I have been invited to dinner. =) So this weekend seems to be going very good, oh yes!

oh yeah, and one more thing, maybe to my mother's great horror... As I was walking to Cotton Club yesterday evening, this guy was walking in front of me. When he suddenly stopped and I walked past him, he said; "baise-moi?" which basically, in very plain language means" wanna fuck?". So yeah, I guess you could say that I walked away from him pretty fast and kind of hid in the petrol station. But, he wasn't outside when I came out again, so apparently, he was just another weird guy... (and don't worry mum. I've had plenty of weird moments down here, so I wasn't freaked out. And there were cars everywhere, cause I was walking along the main road, so he couldn't have done anything anyway...) 

So, with this little entry, I wish you all a great weekend, and hope you all have something good to look forward to like me =)


Back to basics

Yes, well it had to happen sometime I guess. We've had a little drop in temperatures you see, so now we're "only" down to 15 degrees celcius... But hey, you won't see me complaining, cause for me, in March, that is kind of warm all right... And yes, with the weather, my euphoria also died a little, and I find myself back to basics. Which basically consists of picking up kids from school, going to French courses and making food and ironing clothes. But hey, don't get me wrong now, I don't really mind all of that, I mean, it is after all my job. But still, somehow it was better with the warmer weather. But, everyone else down here keeps telling me it'll come back, so I am just waiting to wake up one morning and just having to throw on a simple summers dress and flip flops before I leave the house. Now, with some luck that might already be happening about a week from now. So lets just say that I am crossing my fingers all I can, throwing salt over my shoulder and avoiding cracks in the sidewalk.

And today I also went into Toulouse with the kids, cause Gerome had a dentist appointment. Now, I really don't have anything special against this, because, well, it has to be done. But it's not as fun when Morgan comes along. For her I mean. To just have to travel in to Toulouse, sit in a waiting-room, and then do the same tiresome journey back. But, I can't leave her at home, so she's gotta come with us. And now the next appointment is not until May, so that'll give her a nice little break. 

I was talking to Gerome the other day actually, about me leaving. Cause, I am actually going home in less than three months. So, we talked a little about all of that, me leaving and stuff, and in the end I asked him plain out; "you think you'll miss me?" He didn't answer at first, but then he looked up from his yoghurt and said "it'll be weird that you're not here anymore..." And hey, that coming from him is equivalent with "Yes, I'll miss you". So, I am now embracing that thought. Cause, I know that Morgan will miss me, and that she will be sad that I'm leaving, but, to be honest, I wasn't really sure about the boy. But now I know that I mean something to him, and that is all I ever wanted. So I am now kind of pleased with myself. And I tend to make this upcoming holiday the best these kids ever had! Cause in about a week they start their two weeks long easter holiday, which also will be the last holiday they have with me. (That in itself is weird for me to be honest... )

Now, enough of this nostalgia... I just thought I'd share some of these thoughts with you before I went to bed. Sort of emptying my head before falling asleep you know?

Hope you all had a nice start to your week. =)
Bisous et bonne nuit,



HEI! =)
Well, yet another weekend has gone by too quickly. But, just as last weekend, I have a lot to show of from this one too. Saturday the dad didn't work, so I was able to be in Toulouse at around 17:00. I went to Silla's apartment and met her and Meike there. Klara came just shortly after me. We sat there for a little while, talking and just enjoying ourselves, and then we went out to go to the Garonne. Now, the Garonne is a river that runs through almost the entire Midi-Pyrénees, and it is what you can call a "link" between cities. And, when the sun shows its pretty face, all the young people gather by the Garonne in the evenings to just hang out and have fun. And that is what we did this saturday. And by God, it was great! I didn't expect there to be very many people, but when we got there there were people EVERYWHERE! We almost had a hard time finding a good spot on the grass... So, we sat there talking, drinking some wine and eating baguettes for a couple of hours, and I had a really good time =) We sat there until after the sun had set, and well, for me it was like a chilly Norwegian summer-night. It was so much fun!

La Garonne and pont St. Pierre at night

After a while by the river, we packed up everything and headed back to Silla's place, to fix ourselves a little bit and eat her birthday cake. After we had done all that (and Silla had somehow filled her shoe with wine...) we all went back out again and headed for the Irish pub De Danu. And this time the place was almost packed with people! It was SO nice to be able to just talk English, and that everyone understood what I was saying! I really had a blast that evening, so thanks a lot girls! =)
From the left; Meike, Silla and Klara by the cathedral in Albi.

On sunday we woke up surprisingly early, or, around ten. After a wee bit of selfgathering we got up and got ready to go to Albi. Now, Albi is a very small town about an hours drive away from Toulouse, which we had heard from Beth, our American girl, had a beautiful cathedral. So then of course, we had to go and check it out. We got into Jenny and drove off at around 12 I guess. And after about an hours drive, we were there. And Albi really is a cute little town. But, we soon found out that it is merely a tourist city, because all of the restaurants, even the "shabby" ones, had gastronomical prices! And you'd think that for the prices they charge you, they would clean the salad... (long story short, neither of us got clean salad for lunch, Klara complained, the answer we got was; "Well, the chef doesn't have time to wash EACH lettuce leaf...") After an O.K. lunch (I guess) we headed of to see the cathedral. Which really was beautiful! I mean, my camera really does not do justice to the gorgeous carvings and sculptures we saw... 
La Cathedrale Celine (I think that was the name...)

After we'd walked around in the cathedral for quite a while, we went out and walked around the back. And there we found a small little path leading down to the river. We went down and found a little spot by the water, and I took of my shoes and slashed around a little bit... In March! And, it really wasn't that cold... We had some stone-throwing competitions and had a great laugh at the idiotic waiter before we went back up. Now, back up at the top we decided that we should maybe start thinking about heading back to Toulouse. So, that's what we did...

A picture of one of the old bridges and the river in sunshine. =)

I guess we were back in Toulouse at around seven ish, and there we dropped of Silla. After that, Meike drove Klara and me home, and then the day had come to an end. I had a great weekend with my girls, and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to do these things with them =) 

Thanx for a fantastic weekend girls! <3

I hope all of you others also had a great weekend ;)
Frenchie <3


My horror experience, and this weekend's update

Albi, the city we are going to on Sunday to celebrate Silla =)
Just imagine this rooster without feathers, and sort of dead, and then you have an image of what I bought today....
And then another weekend is over us. I've got to say that these weeks speed by pretty fast. Feels like I just came back from Norway yesterday, while in reality, it's almost four weeks ago... But hey, I'm not complaining! Cause I've still got the heat baby ;) That's right. The sun is still shining, and I am still walking around in flip flops! Ah, life is good =)

Ok, so back to business! Today, as it is saturday, there is a outdoors marked in Colomiers, and I went there today for the family to buy some fruit and bread and a chicken. (just to clarify; a dead chicken) So I walk in to the marked, which is sizzling with life as it always does on saturday (this is one of the reasons why I love going there, cause I feel like I completely blend in, and now that my french isn't half bad either, I pretend to myself that I pass for a French person...) So, yes. The mum had given me precise instructions to which salesman had the best chicken, so I went looking for her. I found her, and got in line. Now, from the back of the line all I could see was the body of the chickens... But, when I moved forward, I saw, to my HUGE horror, that the chickens still had both neck and head attached to their body! Now, I'm not a lightheaded person, but I've got to admit that this sight turned my stomach a little bit.... When it was my turn, I managed to tell the salesman that I wanted a chicken "sans tête", which basically means without the head. He just laughed at my expression and said that that would not be a problem. So, he took the chicken I chose, chopped the head and neck of (I had to turn away at that moment, but I still heard the crunching sounds...) wrapped it in a bag and gave the bag to me. So yes, that was my first experience chicken-wise... 

Now, on to other slightly brighter news! This weekend is, for me at least, packed with things to do. When the parents come home today after work, I am going in to Toulouse to meet up with Silla, Meike and Klara. We are going to do a "hippie-party" by the river! =) Now, when Silla was in Morocco, she bought a Shisha, or a water-pipe if you like, and we are breaking it in tonight. The girls have plans about buying some tobacco for it, we are having a little bit of wine, a little bit of baguettes, some dip and just simply some nice company. And I can't wait! =) And then, on sunday, as it is Silla's birthday, we are celebrating her by going to Albi, which is a very cute city. So, I am very much looking forward to this weekend, yes indeed =)

I hope you all have a very nice weekend, and that your days are also filled with sunshine =)


I'm on fire!

Hello everybody!

this picture is simply here to make Jenny incredibly jealous! :D haha. This is my life now people!

So, here I am again. And after precise messages from my friend Birger, I am going to try to keep this entry short. Maybe then he'll be bothered to read it! ;) So yeah, today. I woke up at 10:30, got dressed, gave myself a little kick start with a cup of coffee and another chapter of my new book; Thanks for the memories, by Cecilia Ahren. This is definitely one of my favorite books in the world, and this is the third time I read it. Just can't get enough...

So yeah, after the ironing and the cleaning, I took a long shower, put on my sun cream and bikini, made myself another cup of coffee, and went out in the sun! Soooo nice =) Only reason I am in here now, is because my big sister' boyfriend, Jon (this big sister being Hanna) sent me a DVD in the mail. Now, this is a one of a kind DVD. It is the 3D- ultra sound the two of them went to. And now I have the picture, and all the small movies! And she is beautiful! I can't wait to come home and meet her... That alone is reason enough to leave this place, which I now for the moment consider as heaven! And that is saying something...

The rest of my day today is gonna be very calm and not special at all... I am just going to be in the sun, reading and drinking coffee, simply enjoying myself. And then tonight I am going for a walk with my neighbor girl, Aylin, and then we are watching a movie at her place. So, an nice and calm day all in all. 

Hope you all have as much sun and relaxation as I will have today!
Frenchie <3


Carcassone mini road-trip and more sunshine =)

Hey again everybody!
It's been a little while now since I've blogged properly, and i intend to do something about that right now. As you might have noticed already, I've even taken the time to put up some pictures to enlighten you guys a little bit. So yes, let's focus on the first picture to begin with. This is my newly bought earrings and sunglasses, which I am extremely pleased with. And, if I may say so myself, those sunglasses look damn good on me! They were actually meant as a joke from Meike, but when I put them on they actually looked quite good. So I threw some caution to the wind and just bought them. And I have to say that I am very happy that I did. =) The earrings were simply purchased because I wanted to buy something else too, and they were just hanging there, looking cute. So they ended up in my bag too ;)

The following three pics are from our long awaited trip to Carcassonne, which is an old stone city about an hours drive from Toulouse. "La Cité", which is the tourist magnet here, is the old Carcassonne cuty, which was built in... well, lets just say it was built a long time ago, and leave it with that... And then, surrounding it, is the new city of Carcassonne, which is where people actually live and work today. So, last sunday we got into Jenny(Meike's car) and drove there. The ones present at this trip were; Meike, Klara, Priscilla and me. 

My obligatory "road-trip" picture with Jenny <3

So yes, as you all can figure out for yourselves, we found the way there, and after a little driving we found the 2000(!) parking lots surrounding the castle. We made our way in through the most amazing stoned archway which led us in to the little city.  Now, normally, I am not a sucker for such architectural beauty (in my family that role has been taken with pride by my dad) but even I had to pause a little and really take in all the beautiful small cobbled streets, teeny tiny stores, and small narrow alleys. I absolutely loved it...

After making our way through people in the small main street( and this was nothing, if you calculate in the fact that we are now OUT of tourist season) we found a little store that sold diet coke. After killing our thirst we found our way to the castle which this magnificent city is built around, and payed the fee (5€) to be able to do the tour. Now, I know there is a saying that goes somewhat like this ; "If you've seen one castle, you've seen 'em all". Now, I really feel the need to contradict this phrase. Because, seeing as my dad is a sucker for old things and architecture, I have actually seen my fair share of castles up through the years. And I must say that they are all different from one another. Sure, they all have towers and all the obligatory stuff to be able to be called a castle, but they all have their own "soul" within the material they are built with. And hey, this one was no different. I especially loved the fact that the castle had both round and squared towers, which in my eyes made it sort of special. That's a first, even for me....
Me in front of "La Cité" Which we actually paid to see...

We made our way through all the small hallways and looked out all the windows, and played our roles as tourists all the way. We were constantly surrounded by blitz ;) After the tour of the castle, we went to see if we were able to get in to the exhibition of the torture elements they used there in "the good old times". Unfortunately, they wanted us to pay an additional 6€ to go in there, and neither of us had the money. So instead we had a cup of coffee in the sun. Which, if you ask me, was nicer than a tour of different "nail-chairs" and whatnots... 

When we'd drained the last of the coffee from our cups, we figured that we'd spent about three hours inside "La Cité", and that we felt the need to make our way back to "today". So we started the walk back to the car. We got into "Jenny", and drove around in Carcassonne for a little while to find a parking spot there. Eventually, we did, and we took out the lunch Meike and Klara had made the day before and brought with them. Right by our parking spot there was a little park, so we walked over there and spread all the lovely food out on the ground. They had made hummus, couscous salad, fresh fruit and they'd bought good fresh bread. So yummy! We gorged on that for a while, just talking and enjoying the sunshine.

When we were all full, we put the remaining food back in Jenny's trunk, and walked around in the city. Carcassonne ville is a very nice city, full of old builings just sort of pushed in between each other. In my opinion it's got a lot of charm =) I was also, semi secretly, looking for a small church where I could light some soul candles. But the ones we found were all closed! (now, for me, this is really weird, because in Norway, sunday is equivalent with churchday! ) We took a great lap around the city, and hey, what do you know?! On our way back to the car, in this teeny tiny street, wedged in between two houses, was a small, and better yet OPEN, church. We went in, and to my huge happiness they had soul candles there. So, I lit one for my grandmother (mormor) and one for my grandfather(Faffa). It was really very nice. Every time I light a candle for them, it feels as though I am sending them a little "message", and I like that feeling... =)

La Cité, also know as old Carcassonne. This is what greets you when you walk up from the parking lots...

After lighting candles (Meike and me) we made our way out into the sunshine again. And as we were walking towards the car, I really got it into my head that I wanted this summer's first ice cream. And I wanted a Magnum. But hey, surprise surprise! They didn't have it anywhere... So in the end I made Meike pull over to the nearest gas station we came across at the highway so I could have my ice cream. So, at around 18:00 on a sunday afternoon in March 2009, still with a few streams of sunshine on my face, I ate my first icecream of 2009. (Must say that it gave me a very good feeling to eat it without freezing, in March!)

When we had all devoured our ice creams, we got back into the car and drove back home. I think I was home around 21:00. So hey, all in all, the perfect day!

And then just a small update on the other days I've had since sunday;
Monday; perfect day, french class was really funny. The sun was shining, all was perfect!( 22 degrees!)
Tuesday; slept long, which I needed, and then I just sloped around doing nothing until I went home to Rachael for a little bit. Very nice, and the sun was still shining very strongly (22-23 degrees!)
Wednesday; Morgan had no school, so I spent the day with her. No problems there. The sun was shining, all was good! (23-25 degrees!)
Today; Neither of the kids have school today, because there is a strike at their schools. But I spent the day in the park with Morgan, and Gerome played with a friend. (still(!) 24 degrees!!)

Hope you all also had a good weekend and up til now have had a good week! :D May all your days be filled with sunshine, cause mine sure are!
Frenchie <3


Sunshine, picnic, and turtle sightseeing!

Hey everybody!
So yes, today, so far, has been perfect! I woke up at around ten, and went to the market to buy some fruit and stuff for the family and myself. I was the one to volunteer to go, because we didn't have any more fruit, and I really wanted to go to the market in this weather. Cause yes, again we had gorgeous summer weather :D So I went there, bought the fruit I needed, and then on my way back I met Rachael. We walked together a little while, until we got to my house, and she invited me over to hang out a little bit tomorrow evening. So that'll be nice I think. Haven't seen her for about a week except at the school gates, so that will be good to spend a little time with her. So yes, after I was done with the fruit purchases, I went to the park with Morgan to meet her friend there. The dad dropped the friend off, and we were in the park for about three hours, just slouching on the picnic blanket and enjoying ourselves. Very nice. Then, after about an hour, Morgan and Clémence started screaming my name. I looked up from my book, and could vaguely make out the word "turtle" in their screams. I thought they were just kidding of course, but still I got up and walked over to them. And there it was, perched on a stone in the middle of the little river. A huuuuuge turtle! So cool to see one this close up. I mean, I've seen the turtle of my friend before, but this one was a wild one, and it was actually kind of coool to see it in it's normal habitat. 

When we were done with the turtle sightseeing, the girls wanted to pick flowers, or more accurately, they wanted me to climb around and pick flowers for them. So, we relocated us to the other side of the little river in the park, nearby this group of guys who were perched underneath a tree in the shadows. I didn't really mind it, because some of them were kind of cute... So, after we had relocated, I walked down to the nearest blossoming tree and picked some branches for the girls that they could take with them home. We went back to the blanket after that, and lying down, I peeked up towards the boys, and they were all watching me. (kind of amusing really...) I took out my book and rolled up my top to take in as much sunshine as humanly possible while the girls kept on playing, and we were just lying there having fun, reading and talking. Some of the boys were doing these weird things like taking of their t-shirts and running laps, doing some push-ups in the shadows of the tree and taking little walks behind me to see if I looked at them. Seemed as though they were playing a little game of some kind. Well, to say the least, I didn't mind joining in playing, cause by that time I'd read about two hundred pages in my book and needed a distraction, to say the least. 

When the clock inched toward four thirty we got up to leave, because Clémence's dad was picking her up at our house a little before five, and we didn't want him to have to wait for us. And, when we got up to leave, the boys all looked directly at me, waving and saying goodbye. The cutest one of the even winked at me! (haha, I have to laugh at this, cause I think it's sooo obvious! But hey, when in France right...) I could still feel their eyes on me as we walked away, and sure enough, when I turned my head they were all laughing. I threw caution to the wind, and gave them a wave and a broad smile as we kept on walking. They all laughed at this and continued to wave until they couldn't see me any more. 

When we got home it took about two minutes before the doorbell rang and Clémence's father was there to pick her up. So now it's just Morgan and me again, and I am just about to hit the shower and start packing my bags. I am going in to Toulouse today, to meet Priscilla and go out with her, and also, to buy the last book in the Twilight series that I have so desperately been waiting for! I can not wait!!!

I hope you all had good and sunny days as well, and that you had as much fun as I did:D


Oh come tomorrow<3

Hurray! Tomorrow it's waiting for me at Virgin Megastore in Toulouse! The last book of the Twilight series! Oooooh, I can hardly wait! I've gotten this weeks pay, and tomorrow I'm spending them on first of all, this book, which I had to ORDER through Virgin, cause they didn't have it anywhere, and then I'm going out on the town with Priscilla! :D Can't wait. Well, first, before I can let myself loose in Toulouse, I am going to the park with Morgan, cause the weather is supposed to be equally fantastic tomorrow =D So that'll be nice ;) And then, when the dad comes home with Gerome, I hit the road. Or, the train and the metro more like it ;) And then... ah, my book! Ok, sounds childish, but I can't help myself. I am totally in love with these books! And yes, they are for me on the same level as the Harry potter books, which is saying something! 

Can also hardly wait to get into Toulouse, cause I have not been out out in Toulouse since the start of February. And Priscilla's got a bottle of Sangria in her apartment, so we are going to have sooo much fun:D Have not been out with her in a long time either, so that'll also be very nice =) Think we are going to the Irish pub the girls went to on Halloween, were I haven't been yet, so that'll be good I guess =) Just can't wait to get a "real" night out on the town... Too bad that both Meike and Klara had to babysit though...  But hey, there are plenty of other nights where we can have an absolutely fantastic time. And I'm seeing them on Sunday, cause we are going to Carcassonne together, all four of us. So that'll be nice. I'll be attentive and take a lot of pictures though! And try to be quick about uploading them, so you guys can see them ;) Now, on the other hand, I am well fed, and have a date with my sex and the city! :D

good night!

Tips ;)

(just put this pic in here cause I love it, and to me this is what summer is ALL about!)
Just thought that as I was lying here, I might as well give you guys some tips on other blogs that I frequently visit. I check these blogs every day, because the people writing them write about important things, and also interesting things. Plus, the poem on Odd- Reza's blog is absolutely amazing. So, enjoy!



I dunno of you guys will like them as much as I do, but I really think that these are good blogs! 

I wore flip flops outside, in March! <3

Well, I finally finished ironing the clothes and cleaning the second floor. And of course, after that, I ran out in the sun! I was sunbathing, in March! Can you believe it? I mean, Norway still has about two meters worth of snow, and here I am, casually strewn on a sunbed. I love this country!

Another very important artifact is that I wore flip flops, or, as Priscilla would call them, Thongs, outside today... Jealous much? Haha, I just cannot believe it! And what's even better is that this weather is supposed to just continue out through the weekend. So tomorrow I'm taking Morgan with me to the park, were we are meeting her friend Clémence for a piknik :)

So yes, after I had laid in the sun for about two hours (hah!) I decided it was time to pack it all up and leave. I needed to pick up Morgan from school, and I was walking. So I filled up my water bottle and got on my way. And I swear, EVERY single tree I passed on my way were covered in blossoms! I love it! =D When I arrived at Morgans school I still had about half an hour before she was done, so I simply sat in the sun reading my book. When she came out, we went up to the parking lot by the bus stop, where Hélen, Clémence's mother picked us up =) So now the three girls are downstairs playing, while I am up here just cooling off ;) Oh man I love this weather!

Hope your day has been sunny too!

20 degrees, sunshine, washing and ironing....

Well, to my great happiness, the sun is still shining, and now, at 11:00, it's warmer than what it was yesterday at 11:00! Ah, I'm really starting to like my life now you guys :D Only thing, is that I need to iron and clean a little before I can truly go out and enjoy the sunshine, with my new sunglasses! Forgot to tell you this I think, but when I was in Toulouse on tuesday with Meike and Klara, I managed to find a new pair of sunglasses(my other pair, may they R.I.P, died tragically in the contents of my bag a day in september...) And they are blue! Or at least the stems are =) And I really like them! I also found a pair of the cutest earrings, with pearls and stuff on them. I really like them too... But anyways, back to todays agenda. So yes, a little bit of ironing and cleaning is in order, since it is friday. But then, after that, I am bringing my sun cream out with me and my book, and lying down on the warm and very green grass. My sunglasses are also coming with me of course. And there I will lie until it's time to pick up Morgan from school. Today, like last Friday, Hélen is picking us up with her girls, and I am watching all three of them as a favor to Hélen. I really don't mind, cause these girls are truly the nicest girls ever. So I guess today will be a pretty lazy day, after the cleaning and ironing of course...

Oh yes, and todays picture is from sometime in august last year, but we're not far from this now! =D Oh, how I love the sun! Enjoy your wet snow Norway, I ain't coming home to you now!


Lounging by the pool <3

Today has been absolutely fantastic! I woke up, and opened my shutters. And then a smile just spread wide on my face. Cause the sky was crystal blue, the sun was shining and it really wasn't that cold in the air. So, I got dressed and went out for my french course. The course was kind of so and so, but afterwards the real fun began. Klara and I met Meike for a little coffee at Airbus Café, and then we drove with jenny(Meike's car) to Klara's house. there, we just lounged in the sun by her family's pool. We could just sit around in t-shirts and rolled up pants! Man, I love this weather! =D Around four o' clock I left to pick up Morgan from school. We got a ride with one of the mums to the pool, which was very nice, otherwise we would have been late, and Morgan absolutely hates that. While she was swimming, I was sitting outside and enjoying the still warm air and the little rest of the sun. After the swimming we took the bus home, and I started dinner as Morgan started her homework in the kitchen with me. When i was half way through, Sandrine(the mum) came home, and I got go out for my run. Had a good time, especially while running past the tennis courts in Cabirol (the park) cause it was past seven, and then only the older hot guys are playing. Yum! Well, I enjoy watching them play... haha! After I was done with my run, I took a long shower and had some dinner. Then I went back up on my room, brushed my teeth and jumped in bed. And that's pretty much what I've done today. Tomorrow, the cleaning awaits... And then I can just relax and chill until I have to get Morgan from school... Ah, my glamourous life! =P

Hope you guys had a sunny day as well! ;)
Frenchie <3


Spring is here, for sure!

Hello again =)
So, yet another day is almost over down here, and I have to say it hasn't contained a whole lot. I woke up at nine thirty, and just had some breakfast and a wee bit of reading before I walked to Morgan's school to pick her up. We took the bus to Mdme Garros, and as I sat there waiting for her I read a little bit more. After that, we took the bus to Julia's, a friend of Morgan's, cause they were supposed to have a playdate. And, since the playdate only lasted for little less than two hours, I didn't see the point in taking the bus and going home, just so I could unlock the door, have a look inside and then turn around, lock the door and leave for the next bus to pick her up. So, instead, I had a long walk, I read a lot and I simply just sat around waiting. I picked her up a quarter to four, and together we took the bus home. Well home I helped her with her homework, made myself a cup of coffee and listened to her reading her english book out loud for me. And now, at five o' clock, I'm back in my bedroom, updating you guys on my very boring day. =P Hope you enjoyed it ;) As for the rest of the day I have no plans what so ever. I am just going to hang around in the house, maybe help Gerome a little with his homework if he needs it, and then make the dinner. After that, it's the regular nigh ritual, with shower, PJ's and a little facebook, msn and sex and the city. So, all of you who thought I was living a very glamourous life down here, I have proved you wrong! (even though I'd have liked it if I hadn't though...)

One thing that I am very happy about when it comes to this day though, is that the weather is no longer as cold as it used to be. All the apple trees are blossoming, and there are little white flowers and petals everywhere I look. today, walking to pick up Morgan, I passed one of these blossoming trees, and nipped of a little branch with some flowers on it so I could smell them on the way to the school. Amazing how little it takes to make me happy and content sometimes... =)

So yes, a relatively short blog entry for what seems like a very looong day. Hope your day was filled with more exciting things people!


Walking in sunshine!

I chose this pic because today is one of those very memorable days that I want to just keep on remembering long after I'm old and grey. I woke up to a completely blue sky and the sun was already high up on the sky. I fixed myself(you know, makeup, clothes, the whole shebang!) Then I went down and cleaned the kitchen, hung up the wet laundry and started the dishwasher. After that I made myself a cup of coffee and sat out in the sun for a little while, just enjoying life. After a while I got up and headed for the train station to take the train in to Toulouse, to meet Meike and Klara. At the ticket booth there was this guy. I have to say that I must have gotten a very trained eye from watching french guys for seven months, cause I could tell by just one glance at him that he wasn't French. And his accent totally gave him away. So, standing there waiting for the train I asked him plain out where he came from. Turned out his name was Hugh, he was from London/Oxford and he was in France to improve his french. He is working in Africa, on the Golden coast, shooting documentary movies. So, on the train and the metro in to Toulouse he told me about how it was like and what he was doing down there, and well inside Toulouse we sat on a bench for a little while talking. Just before Meike came, he went off to this food market, and gave me his number before leaving, cause he said he had no idea how to get back to Colomiers and his car.

When I met up with Meike and Klara, we just walked around a bit really. I got a new pair of really cool sunglasses(with blue rims!), a pair of extremely cute earrings(they were only 4€ Fanny! hah!) and a new mascara. So all in all, I got everything that I needed. I also went to Virgin Megastore, to see if they had the last book in the Twilight series, but noooo. So I ended up ordering it, or asking them to order one for me, so that I would be sure that I would get it. So, in 10 to 15 days, I will be holding the last book! Hurra! =D After a while trotting down the best shoppingstreet in Toulouse, we decided that we wanted to find a cute little café where we could have our coffee, and we ended up outside a smoothies bar. I had one with pineapple, peach and banana, and it was actually really good! We sat there for quite a long time, and just talked in the sun and had a really good time. When the clock started ticking towards 13:45 we got up and headed towards Capitole again, cause Meike had her French course there. I tried my best to persuade her to stay with me, but no. (Haha, I'm your bad influence Meike!) So then we said bye to her there, and then Klara and I walked towards the metro station. We parted there, cause she wanted to find some sunglasses, and had to take the metro after that. Since I had a couple of more hours to beat, I called Hugh, and asked him if he wanted to go for a cup of "real" coffee with me. He met me ten minutes later, and told me how completely awed he was by the food market and the entire Toulouse. I took him with me to the "French coffee shop" where he actually even paied for my coffee , which was really nice of him. We sat there and talked for a while, before we headed of to take the metro and the train back to Colomiers. We talked quite a lot on the train, and I learned a lot from him in such a short time to be honest. Like how to never crush a bullet ant in the rain forest, cause then they all attack you... When we got to Colomiers, I walked to his car with him, which he has so funnily called "Kenneth". (Gotta say I laughed a little then. Hey, maybe we can team them up Meike!) After that we said our goodbyes, gave each other a hug and I left to pick up Morgan from school. Just think it's so funny that just from asking him where he came from I got an entire afternoon of fun =P And I mean, I'll probably never see him again either, cause tomorrow he is going to drive to Montpellier and from there to Axe-en-Provence and further on. So, maybe Karma dealt me a good card today or something... Haha, but at least I had a very good and funny day.

When I was almost at Morgan's school, I met her friend Lily and her mother Kristy. I stood there talking to the a little bit, and when we said bye the mum asked for my number in case she needed a babysitter once. So hey, maybe I get some more money from babysitting or something! Would be nice =) After I picked up Morgan we took the bus home together, and now I'm helping her with her english homework. I'm actually also sitting here in my running gear waiting for the parents to come home, so I can do my tuesday run =P

Hope your day was as sunny and nice as mine!

P.s: Friday is supposed to be sunny and with 20 degrees celcius! <3


Here comes Spring <3

Well, finally the spring starts to come down here. And I can't find the words sufficient to explain how happy that makes me! The birds are chirping from the trees again, the sun is shining a little bit more (and in the sun it's actually kind of warm!) and best of all, the cherry and apple trees are blossoming like crazy! And I walk by this tree(the picture that is) every day, and it is so beautiful, with all the petals on the ground and all the small white flowers everywhere! Makes me want to be a tree in blossom almost. Dunno why though, just looks so peaceful where it stands. =)

So, apart from spring showing it's beautiful face, nothing much really happened down here today. I had my normal french course from 09:00 to 11:30, and then Klara and I had a cup of coffee at our very beloved Airbus Café before walking home together. Very nice. We even got a few glints of the sun! =D After we said our goodbyes, I went in to the house, emptied the dishwasher and ironed the clothes for the kids. then I had some "knekkebrød" with blueberry jam (sooooo good! I found knekkebrød at IKEA mamma! hurra!) and then I took a long shower, and gave myself a manicure and pedicure afterwards while watching sex and the city<3.>

the parents came home late, so I made dinner today and ate with the kids. Gerome was sitting in the kitchen with me talking while I cooked, which was very nice. He actually has some good things to talk about if he wants to. And then, when Morgan came home from Brownies, we ate dinner and just talked. Then the parents came home, and we sat at the kitchen table and talked a little bit before I went up to my room and got ready for bed. And then now, I have set aside a couple of hours with msn and sex and the city before turning of the lights =)

oh yeah, and I downloaded some new songs today. A little bit of lady gaga and beyoncé, and some other cute ones that I've heard on the radio down here. So now I'm satisfied! :D

And tomorrow, I'm going in to Toulouse to meet Meike and Klara for some girlstime =) can't wait! I'm gonne see if they've got the last book in the Twilight series too, but hey, with my luck the probably don't... And then I'm gonna find me some new sunglasses =D (cause my favourite pair broke both its stems in my bag last summer... bah, I know... Get a sunglass case.. ) And tomorrow we're supposed to have some sun too! maybe I can use a dress or something?! I know I know, but I want to be optimistic!

Hope everyone reading this blog entry also had a nice day! 


Toulouse trip, coffee and promenades...

Well, another weekend has passed down here in Toulouse, and here is what i did;
Friday I really didn't do anything. Just had dinner at Rachael's place and was back here at the house at around 22:00. Saturday was Morgan's birthday party, with a lot of screaming, high volumed kids. And I also went to Toulouse to find the last book in the Twilight series, but they didn't have it anywhere, so I bought book nr 5 of the Harry Potter series in stead, to have something "new" to read (this is actually the sixth time I'm reading it, therefore the word new in brackets...) and on the evening of saturday I went to Cotton club with Meike and Gem, to say goodbye to Gem, who is leaving on tuesday... We had a really great time, and the weather was so good that we actually sat outside for a while. And while sitting outside we started talking to these two boys. When I explained that I was Norwegian, one of them almost had a heart attack. He kept on asking me if I was kidding, cause he had a Norwegian exchange student living in his house! So, he called her up and asked her to come to Cotton so they could hear us speak together in Norwegian =P her name is Tina and she is from Bergen, which is almost on the other side of Norway compared to Oslo where I come from. She was really nice, and we sat there talking a lot about the differences between Norway and France, and how she was coping in the French schoolsystem and stuff. Had a really great time. So, after saying goodbye to Gem at around ten, I walked home with Tina, and was back here at the house at around 22:30. 

Today the original plan was to go to Carcassonne, which is this cute middelage city about  half an hour away from Colomiers. But, because the weather was sort of gloomy, we decided to go another time instead. So, as a substitute, we took the train and metro in to Toulouse (Klara and me that is) to meet Meike for a coffee and a walk around. We had a really nice time actually, and also perfect timing. The minute we got into Meike's car, the rain started. So I guess you could say we had a "lucky" sunday. ;) I think we stayed in Toulouse for about four hours, and then Klara and I took the metro and train back to Colomiers. She walked back to mye house with me cause she wanted to walk like a little round, and now I'm back here again, on the bed, with msn, facebook and sex and the city. 

I really had a nice weekend, with a couple of nice moments. And Morgan's birthday party was actually funny. The girls were nice, and everything went smoothly. 

I hope you all also had a good weekend, and especially you two, Priscilla and Beth, who at this moment is in Morocco enjoying lazy days in the sun. Hope you guys have a great time!



Broken dishwasher+ girlie girlie birthday

So, today is "the big day". Or, at least for Morgan's sake. She is celebrating her birthday, and is very excited about it... (Can't say I'm as excited as she is, but her positivity is rubbing of on me, and I am actually starting to look forward to it...) SO, at two thirty this house will be "filled" with small girls with huge lungs. Oh yeah, they scream... =P So, I am now taking as much advantage of my alone time. The dad is still here, so he is downstairs with Morgan, and then I can read up on my magazines and stuff. And anyways, the girls are only gonna be here for about two and a half hours, so it's really not that big of a deal...

After the party, I am going to go in to Toulouse to buy the last book in the "twilight" series. I am soooo into those books, it's almost a little bit freaky... But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do right? And then, after my little escapade to Toulouse, I am meeting gem at least, at Cotton Club for a goodbye drink. (since our plans yesterday just kind of fell through...) So that might be nice I guess =) Kind of stunned, since this is my second goodbye in one week. but then again, we all got to say good bye at some point down here anyway.

Hope you all have a good day, maybe with a little less volume than me... =P 


cleaning, playdate and Rachael's Irish sausages...

(Just for the record; this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this blog entry. I just like it so much and wanted to share it with you...)

Well, hello again. The time is now 23:05, and I am, once again, in my bed, ready to go to sleep. (even though I'm not planning to do so within the next two hours, cause I've got msn AND sex and the city!) Just thought I'd give you all an insight in my very normal Friday.

So, I woke up at ten, and at one o' clock I was done with the cleaning of the second floor and the kitchen. I watched a little bit of Sex and the city(gotta love that!) and then I went to Rachael's place. We talked for a little while, and then we drove to the school to collect the kids. Now, Morgan had an extra hour of math, so I went for a walk and bought some bathroom essentials before picking her up at 16:30. We were picked up by Clémence's mother, because Clémence and her sister, Juliette, were coming to our house for about an hour of playing. Well home in the kitchen, the four of us sat and talked for a little while, and then the three of them ran of to play. So, I had some time for myself with my book and my coffee. Very nice. Only thing that restrained me from my perfect afternoon, was that the sun was out, but the wind made it too cold to enjoy my coffee and book outside. But hey, you can't have it all apparently... 

Well, eventually the girls were picked up by their mother, and Gerome came home shortly after that, with Louis, a friend. They were basically in Gerome's bedroom, and Morgan was watching tv, so I was, again, in my room on my own. Very nice. Caught up on my newspaper reading online(very nice) and checked my e-mails(nothing very exciting there unfortunately...) and then the parents came home. Now, I was supposed to go for a goodbye dinner for Gem, an English friend of mine, at Cotton Club, but we had to cancel that when the parents she works for decided to drink instead of driving her. So, I changed my plans and went to Rachael's for a nice chat instead. Very nice. We actually wrapped ourselves in jackets (or, she did) and went out on the porch with our cups of tea, because the sky was SO clear, and the moon so big. I really had a great time there, I really did. I guess I was back here at around 22:30. I said goodnight to Gerome and Sandrine, who were watching tv, and now I'm here. So, basically, just your average friday really. But I liked it. And tomorrow will be a very hectic day. Morgan is celebrating her birthday, and the house will be filled with small, and loud, girls(well, actually they'll only be seven, but still.... They've got SOME volume!) So that should be pretty exhausting and fun. My camera is charged, and ready for action. So, I'll keep you posted guys!

Hope your day was as pleasant as mine =)
Frenchie <3

Family bonds <3

I just came to think about the fact that some of you have never met my family. (now, I' talking mostly to the girls down here, but there are probably someone else reading my blog too who have not met my wonderful parents and little sister) So, in their honor, I'm writing this little blog entry. 

This picture I chose is actually from a visit in France. We lived in a little town nearby Nice, which was all beach and boys (which I loved of course...) and this pic is from when we took a little drive to this tiny village all built on top of a mountain. I swear, I have never seen anything like it before. So beautiful. But yes, back to my family. I have come to think much more about them during my time down here. Not really because I miss them or something, just because I talk to them only through Skype and e-mail. And I am really starting to appreciate them much more now that I don't see them every minute, every day... (Weird that, right?) My mum is without doubt the most honorable person I know. She is truly my rolemodel in life, and I am not afraid of admitting this! No but really, she is amazing. My dad is this funny man who means more than anything to me. He is the heart of humor in our household, and if there is one thing I miss now that I am back from Norway(once again) it is his little escapades and experiences... The man just cracks me up! 

Now, my sister actually deserves an entire blog entry of her own, but I'm not giving it to her(imagine how big her ego would get then!) She is both my best friend and my worst enemy. And I love it! Now, when I was back in Norway, I went to my closet to find my "party tops". And they were gone. Almost all the clothes I'd left behind were not in my closet anymore. So, after a little interrogation, I found out that this was at this ones house, and that one were at our cousin's house. So, during my stay in Norway, I was mostly using either my mum's clothes or my sister's. Hah! Her own fault... But yes. Maren is another story. Some people say that we look exactly like each other, while others say that they can not find one resemblance between our to faces. So, I guess it's sort of a judgement call. But we are truly different, and maybe that's why we match so good. She is a head higher than I am (and yes, that does both suck and hurt my confidence a little. I'm supposed to be taller than her right? Since I'm her big sister...) She has long blonde hair, and a sort of surfstyle going on. Me on the other hand, am one head smaller than she is, my hear is long, wild and red, and I'm more girly in my style. But one thing we do have in common, is our meanings and thoughts. One thing I miss is the way we go together so well! After coming home from school we would make a snack together in the kitchen, then sit side by side in the couch watching tv and talking. And now I'm over here, and she 's got both the good sandwich food and the good tv, that's not in French... hrmf! One thing I love about my sister is that I can tell her anything, and know that those secrets will never escape her lips. She is the one person in life I would trust with my life, and for that I'm glad. I like to think that we have "the perfect" sister relationship; We talk like best friends, and we fight like mortal enemies. And let's just face it, some arguing is healthy.(and funny on my part, when I can tick her of by pushing the right buttons... haha)

So I guess you all now figured out that I'm very pleased with my family. And yes, I am. I also have two other big sisters, who are not in this pic. And they are also equally amazing. They are my rocks in life, and I know that if I ever have any problems, I can go to them with my worries, and they will help me solve them. 

I am truly grateful for my family, and I know that I am lucky. And I love it! So, I guess what I'm trying to say/write here is; thanks for being there for em when I need you, and back away when I need my space. You always know what's right, and when I need comfort. And for that, I truly love you all.

(This blog entry was also written simply because nothing will happen down here today. And I just felt like writing something anyway...)

Frenchie <3


Bye bye Beth/ my addiction!

Ok, I am now going to start trying to write in English, because I have many friends who visit my blog, and then ends up getting disappointed cause they can't read my Norwegian. So, here goes!

Yesterday evening, we all rallied up in Toulouse, to ship Beth of to Germany with a fantastic goodbye dinner. We went to this really cute Italian restaurant, which from the outside just looked like this really small "hole in the wall" (like the one you and dad went to in Rome sort of, mum). But when we entered, the restaurant just went on and on and on! So funny. We got seated inside some sort of booth, and were all eager to see what they had to offer. Most of us, of course, ended up ordering Italian pizza's. Which turned out to be one of the best Italian pizza's I've ever tasted. Sooooo good! We had a fantastic evening, just talking, chatting and occasionally stopping to pose for a picture. (I, of course, forgot my camera in Meike's car, so this pic of Beth is from sometime in November...) The evening was great, if you look away from the normal lousy French service. We actually ended up discussing it a bit; like how you would get your menu's a lot quicker, and how the waiter would simply just be more attentive to us in our own home countries. (or maybe we are all secretly very patriotic, and the service was sort of OK. I don't know...) 

As the evening dwindled to an end, Meike, Klara and I sort of got a little restless. This because we had a parting gift for Beth, which Klara had to sign. We'd gotten her one of those multiple photo frames from IKEA, and printed out pictures and everything. (guess you could say we were pretty proud of ourselves...haha) So, after a while, when we realized Beth didn't have such an urge to go to the ladies room that we were sort of hoping she would, all three of us came up with the lamest excuse ever and almost sprinted there ourselves. Klara signed the frame, and we made our way back to the waiting girls. We were all very pleased, as you might understand, when she opened it and really liked it. So, all our effort was definitely worth it. 

Now, for those of you who have not caught up on this yet, Beth is the American part of our little "gang". And she has been here in Toulouse now for six months, and will from next thursday of, be spending another six months in Heidelberg, Germany. I'm not really sure what the right word is to describe what she's doing, but I guess you could call her an exchange worker. Anyway, she is leaving us and beautiful Toulouse next thursday, and after saying our goodbyes, we got kind of gloomy. Klara was the one who put words to our emotions; "we've started saying our goodbyes. And oh, Ida! You're next...." That's when it first actually hit me; we're soon coming to the end of our stay down here. I've gotten so used to the coffe-gossip sessions with the girls, and the trips in to Toulouse, that I never really thought about the fact that it has to end some time...

Well, anyways! I'm not gonna get all mushy on you, so I just want to say; Thank you for a wonderful dinner last night girls, and enjoy Heidelberg like I know only YOU can Beth! You'll always be a part of our "gang", no matter where you are in the world! And, now, you've given me a very good excuse to go to America! =D 

Now, the two pictures in todays blog, do have a connection. First of all because I was reading book number three on my way to Arenes on the train yesterday, and because we started talking about both the books and the movie on our way to the restaurant. And I have to say, that I am completely addicted! I actually have to force myself to put the book down sometimes. This series is my drug... And you can then understand my disappointment when I went to the bookstore in Colomiers to get the fourth one, and they didn't have it in English! Which, by the way, makes NO sense to me whatsoever! Because I found book number two there in English. So I am currently carrying a huge grudge towards the lady in the bookstore. But hey, at least it gives me a little trip into Toulouse next tuesday! (And no, I'm not ashamed to go "all" that way just for a book. Like I said, it's my drug...) So, if you haven't read it yet, I suggest you start! And, if you have already seen the movie, don't hesitate to start with the first book. Cause there are, surprise surprise, things in it that are not showed in the movie. And, the tension and love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is so much more intense in the book than in the movie. Which just makes the book so much better, right? ;)

So, that was today's update. Hope you all enjoyed it, and that you will be waiting for more!
Frenchie <3


Just wondering.

Vel, i det siste har jeg blitt bitt av "Sex and the city" basillen, og har rett og slett kastet meg ut i et heseblesende maraton med mine komplette serier. Selvfølgelig, denne serien baseres jo hovedsakelig på tiltrekning, sex og forhold (noe som kanskje er en av grunnene til at jeg liker den så mye?) både blandt heteroseksuelle og homoseksuelle. Og i det siste har jeg tatt meg selv i å lure; Hvordan gjør de det? Altså, jeg mener... I det heteroseksuelle datemiljøet er det jo visse "regler" og guidelines å forholde seg til; hvem som sjekker opp, å gi ut telefonnummer, første date, første kyss etc. Og i mange av disse tilfellene er det jo klare svar. Både jenta og gutten kan generelt sett sjekke opp noen. Det er som oftest jenta som gir ham sitt telefonnummer, for å se om han virkelig er interessert, også som oftest sånn at gutten betaler på den første daten(selv om jeg synes dette er litt urettferdig jeg da men...) og når det kommer til det første kysset så er det vel en mutuell handling. Men det jeg tok meg selv i å lure på; har homoseksuelle og lesbiske de samme "date reglene" som oss?

Altså, jeg vet jo at det finnes stereotyper hos dem og; den feminine, mannlige, sjenerte, og så videre, akkurat som det gjør hos oss heteroseksuelle. men det jeg lurer på er jo da; hvem av dem, når det er to av samme skjønn, plukker opp regningen, eller holder opp døren for den andre? Kanskje det er som Carrie sier, at det er en "smak og behag" greie, og at det kommer ann på hvem disse to personene er, eller så tar de det bare på sparket? Kanskje er det sånn at den mer macho plukker opp regningen flere ganger enn den feminine, eller at de som oss ofte bare ser an "situasjonen" ? 

Jeg har jo flere homoseksuelle og lesbiske venner, og de er jo mer enn villige(!) mesteparten av dem til å fortelle om forskjellene ved å være i et homoseksuelt eller lesbisk forhold, men akkurat denne delen har jeg liksom aldri helt fått satt fingeren min på. Må innrømme at det virkelig har trigget nysgjerrigheten min. Vet ikke hvorfor, for i de fleste tilfeller, også i mitt, er det jo irrelevant, men det hadde vært litt kjekt å vite da...

It's raining in Paradise!

Da startet en ny dag i Frankrike, som jeg den siste uken har fått en ny forkjærlighet for, på grunn av all den deilige solen og varmen. Men, i dag har min nye kjærlighet snytt meg gitt! For hva ser jeg når jeg åpner vindusskoddene mine? Regn, regn og atter regn. Fytterakker'n. Jaja, det måtte jo komme en gang det og. Jeg koser meg med tanken på at jo mer det regner nå i mars, jo mindre kan det regne i de kommende månedene. Og det hjelper. 

Dagen i dag er en såkaldt "Mercredi libre", som betyr at Morgan ikke har skole. Av en eller annen grunn, kanskje for å kompensere for andre laaange skoledager(?), har det et par sånne onsdager i måneden. Det gjør meg ingenting egentlig, ettersom onsdager vanligvis er litt stressende. Så i dag har jeg følgende planer:
1) ut i regnet for å gå til bussen med Morgan og dra til Mdme Garros
2) komme tilbake, for så å gå til en venninne av Morgan og høre om hun vil komme og leke med henne
3) lage lunsj
4) Gerome kommer hjem fra en kompis rundt 17:30 
5) foreldrene kommer hjem rundt 18:00
6) jeg ordner meg, tar med meg paraply og overnattingsveske og drar inn til Toulouse på avskjedsmiddag
7) planer om herlig avskjedsmiddag, for så å overnatte hos Meike.

Så ja, der har dere det folkens. Dette er dagens planer, for mitt vedkommende hvertfall. Det blir nok mest sannsynlig et par andre blogginnlegg i løpet av dagen, for det er ikke mye annet å gjøre mens Morgan sitter ved skrivebordet mitt og gjør leksene sine... Men jeg koser meg nå, og venter på at klokken skal bli 11:30, så vi kan gå ut i regnet. Et pluss er jo da at det ikke er kaldt regn! Vi ligger fremdeles rett oppunder 15 grader...

Håper deres dag er mindre regnfylt og kanskje også en smule mindre kaotisk?
Frenchie <3


IKEA, Birthdayparty and hedgehogs!!

Så, litt sent innlegg i dag, men hey, bedre sent enn aldri ikke sant? Så ja, i dag var det IKEA med Meike og bursdagsfeiring for carl som sto på min travle ukesplan. Egentlig skulle vi ikke til IKEA allikevel, fordi at et av barna til Meike var sykt, men i dag "morges" sendte hun meg en melding hvor det sto at moren også var syk, og at hun da kunne dra allikevel. Så, vi dro fra Colomiers rundt 12:00 go tilbrakte 2 1/2 time på IKEA. Hadde det utrolig moro, som alltid. Vi tok en kaffe i kafeen, tuslet rundt og drømte oss bort om hva vi skulle kjøpe når vi fikk vår egen leilighet, og fikk tak i alt det vi skulle ha. Etter et meget vellykket IKEA besøk dro vi tilbake til Colomiers, hvor vi fremkalte bilder til avskjedsgaven til Beth, som vi skal ut med i morgen som en slags "farvel-kveld". Etter det hentet jeg Morgan på skolen og vi tok bussen hjem. Vel hjemme hjalp jeg henne med engelskleksene hennes, og så gjorde hun sin greie mens jeg så på Sex and the city og sjekket mail og facebook. 

Da foreldrene kom hjem dro jeg på bursdagsmiddag for Carl, som er sønnen til Rachael. Han fylte 12 år i dag, og vi hadde en veldig koselig kveld. På slutten av kvelden satt vi ute på hverandaen alle sammen med teen vår og pratet, mens hunden deres Charlie, løp rundt i hagen. Etter hvert la jeg merke til at han drev og lekte med noe som jeg til å begynne med trodde var en stor kongle. Men det viste seg at det var et pinnsvin, for plutselig stakk det et ben ut av den kongla gitt! Du kan jo TRO at jeg fikk passe sjokk! Det oppsto en liten kamp hvor vi prøvde å få Charlie til å slippe det stakkars dyret, og han overhodet ikke hadde planer om noe sånt. Til slutt fikk vi lurt ham bort med litt mat, og satte ham trygt inn i huset. Etter det gikk vi inn igjen, og spilte kort, før jeg måtte gå tilbake hit. På vei hjem fikk jeg melding av rachael; "the little vreature is alive, cause he/she is gone now. thank God!" Så heldigvlis tok det forhåpentligvis ikke varig skade. 

Må si jeg var en smule flau over min reaksjon, ettersom jeg har opplevd at min hund som valp kom hjem stolt som en hane med en død mus i munnen. Men da visste jeg jo med en gang at det var et eller annet ekkelt, og denne gangen kom det helt overraskende på meg. Det morsomme var jo at jeg ikke var redd for at Charlie skulle skade seg, men heller pinnsvinet. Jeg mener, hunder tygger jo store stokker til kvistved, men det stakkars lille dyret. tydeligvis, og heldigvis for dette pinnssvinets skyld, funker visst de piggene fantastisk bra...

I morgen har Morgan fri onsdag, så det er ganske greit. Jeg skal også inn til Toulouse på ettermiddagen/ kvelden med jentene på avskjedsmiddag for Beth, så det blir nok både koselig og litt trist. Vil jo ikke at hun skal dra, men kan liksom ikke gjøre så mye med det. Men, det blir helt sikkert koselig, og jeg skal prøve å få tatt masse bilder som jeg kan legge ut både her og på face :)

Håper dere hadde en pinnsvinstorturfri dag!
Frenchie <3


Toulouse, eclipse and IKEA! <3

Ok, for det første. Det bildet av meg er ikke for å vise frem meg selv, men for å statuere at jeg har vært på IKEA en gang før, og for at det er det eneste bildet jeg har av selve IKEA-fasaden her nede. 

I dag var jeg på franskkurs etter en veldig dårlig natt. Det betyr da at jeg fikk tilnærmet null timer med søvn. Jeg var i seng 23:00, klar til å lukke øynene og drifte inn i drømmeland, men neida, det skulle man ikke få lov til. Jeg vred og vendte på meg fram til klokken nærmet seg 03:00. Først da tror jeg at jeg sovnet. Var hvertfall siste gang jeg så på klokken i frustrasjon. 

Så, etter 3 timer som søvnløs zombie i franskklassen, møtte jeg Rachael for å dra inn til Toulouse med henne. Hun skulle nemlig finne bursdagsgaver til sin eldste, Carl, som fyller 12 år i morgen (altså tirsdag) og jeg var på jakt etter boken "Eclipse" som er den tredje boken i serien om Bella Swan og Edward Cullen. Jeg har virkelig falt pladask for denne bokserien, og jeg klarer ikke å legge fra meg bøkene når jeg først har kommet inn i dem. Så, jeg hadde store håp om å finne bok nr tre på vår lille utflukt. Og jeg hadde hell med meg gitt. Der lå den, glinsende ny, og på engelsk(!), og bare ventet på at jeg skulle plukke den opp og fortape meg selv i dens mange intense historier. Så den ble jo øyeblikkelig kjøpt. Og jeg er nå på side 43... Etter en vellykket tur for både Rachael og meg dro vi tilbake til Colomiers, hvor vi hadde en god prat over en enda bedre kopp med te ute på terrassen hennes. Jeg var vel tilbake i huset rundt 17:00, og da shinet jeg opp kjøkkenet litt, parret sokker etc, og strøk litt tøy før jeg måtte tvinge meg selv til å ikke kaste meg over "Eclipse".

Nå har deg seg jo sånn at alle vi jentene er litt triste for øyeblikket. Grunnen til dette er at Beth, vår kjære søte amerikaner forlater oss til fordel for Heidelberg i Tyskland, og hun drar 12 mars. Så vi har med andre ord ikke mye tid igjen med henne. I anledning hennes avreise har Klara, Meike og jeg bestemt oss for å lage en slags collage med bilder og små skrift fra oss som hun kan ta med seg til Heidelberg. Derav IKEA-tur i morgen. Og jeg gleder meg mystisk mye til å dra dit! Kanskje fordi at jeg vet at det er IKEA i Norge, og at jeg vet hva som venter meg innenfor de veggene, eller det at jeg vet at de har kaviar og knekkebrød der? Nei, vet ikke jeg. Men gleder meg, det gjør jeg lell! Så i morgen skal Meike og jeg på IKEA-tur. 

Det har seg sånn at denne uken her er VELDIG travel! Her skal der få et lite innblikk i ukens timeplan:

Mandag: franskkurs, Toulouse med Rachael
Tirsdag: IKEA med Meike, bursdag for Carl på kvelden
Onsdag: Morgan har ikke skole, og avskjedsmiddag for Beth på kvelden i Toulouse
Torsdag: franskkurs, svømming for Morgan
Fredag: vasking, avskjedsmiddag for Gem i Colomiers på kvelden
Lørdag: feiring av Morgans bursdag med venner, overnatting hos Meike 
Søndag: forhåpentligvis tur til Carcassonne med Meike og Klara 

Carcassonne er en middelalderby med et ordentlig gammelt fransk slott med murer og høye tårn og hele greia! Så det håper vi virkelig på å få til! Da skal jeg ta masse bilder da. =)

Så, som dere kan se har jeg en god og travel uke, men jeg synes det virker veldig deilig. Er moro å ha en del å gjøre, og å få litt variasjon føler jeg.

Så, håper deres uke også er travel og morsom!
Frenchie <3

The real "dog life" french style...

Hei igjen...

Det jeg skal skrive om nå har plaget meg helt siden min aller første tur til Frankrike, og nå som jeg ser det rundt meg nesten daglig skjærer det meg hardt i hjertet. Det jeg snakker om, er alle uteliggerne og tiggerne i Toulouse og Frankrike generelt, som eier hunder. Jeg får vondt av å se hvordan de behandler dem, og hvordan hundene virkelig krymper seg og legger seg langflate langs bakken dersom eieren deres kommer nær dem. Det er jo et klart tegn på at de blir slått sparket og kanskje verre. Og det får jeg bare så vondt av. Jeg tror kanskje at grunnen til at det slår meg så hardt er at jeg selv er hundeeier, og en skikkelig hundeperson. For meg er det å slå/misshandle en hund det samme som å slå eller misshandle et annet menneske. Hunden er menneskets beste venn, og dette er belønningen de får? Nei, jeg klarer nesten ikke tenke på det. En episode jeg har veldig klart i hodet mitt var da jeg var i Paris med mamma, far og Maren, og vi satt på en stor trapp til et bibliotek eller noe. Et par trappetrinn bak oss satt det en gruppe med disse menneskene, og en av dem hadde en bitteliten valp. Hvis valpen ikke kom med en gang gikk han etter den og slo den hardt med jernlenken han hadde i hånden. En gang sparket han til og med hunden så hardt at den falt ned flere trappetrinn! Sånne mennesker burde, etter min mening, bli sparket litt rundt selv. Kanskje de da forstår hva det er de gjør med hunden sin.

Jeg spurte moren jeg jobber for hvorfor så mange av uteliggerne i Frankrike hadde hunder, og hvorfor de behandlet dem så dårlig. Hun sa at de fleste av dem har hundene endten fordi at de gir varme om natten når de sover på gaten, eller for å beskytte seg. Hun sa også at tydeligvis så sparker de hundene og gjør dem redde for seg for at de skal gjøre hva de ber om, sånn at når de sier; angrip, vil ikke hunden nøle et halvt sekund engang. I frykt for å da bli misshandlet mer dersom den ikke adlyder....

Det hun fortalte meg hadde jeg jo egentlig tenkt meg til litt selv. Men det er andre måter å gjøre en hund lydig på. Jeg blir så rett ut forbannet når folk gjør slike ting mot dyr som ikke kan forsvare seg. Og de begynner jo da med en gang de får valpen. Jeg blir kvalm bare ved tanken...

Ikke akkurat et muntert innlegg dette, men jeg måtte bare få det ut, og da virket bloggen som et godt sted å gjøre det...

Frenchie <3


A friend is someone your heart needs at all times

Hei hei!
Da var enda en helg over, og vi har sparket opp døren til mars måned. Jeg for min del tilbragte denne helgen hos min veldig gode venninne Rachael her nede i Colomiers, med henne og hennes to sønner Peter og Carl. Grunnen til overskriften og "bildet" i kveldens innlegg er at jeg har virkelig nå innsett hvor viktige venner er. Virkelig, den overskriften har mer mening enn mye annet jeg har sett og lest i mitt liv. Venner er virkelig noe man trenger, uansett hvordan man vrir og vender på det. Og jeg er virkelig glad for at jeg har Rachael som min venn. Historien om hvordan vi ble så "close" er veldig lang, så den gidder jeg ikke kaste meg ut i nå så sent på kvelden, men det viktigste er at jeg har innsett at hun har like mye behov for meg som venn som jeg har for henne. Og det varmer hjertet mitt at jeg kan være der for noen andre. Den viktigste egenskapen jeg ser etter hos en venn, er egenskapen til å lytte og forstå. For, la oss innse det, om venner ikke lytter til deg eller forstår deg, er ikke til mye nytte, er de vel? 

Så, tilbake til helgen. Følte at det ovenstående ble litt vel klisjé, så vi hopper elegant vekk fra det smørete vennetemaet etc. Men jo, min helg med Rachael og guttene var veldig koselig, som alltid. Jeg var vel hjemme hos dem rudnt seks på ettermiddagen, og mens de så på rugbykamp leste jeg ferdig bok nr to i Twilight serien. Må bare slenge inn her at jeg er definitift 100% hektet på de bøkene nå! De er virkelig heeeelt herlige. Så jeg vil anbefale ALLE å lese dem. Virkelig. 

Vi hadde en veldig deilig middag, og så litt på tv etterpå, og Rachael og jeg pratet en god del. Rundt 24:00 gikk vi vel til sengs, og jeg sovnet bokstavelig talt nesten før hodet mitt traff puten. Jeg var så utrolig trøtt! Etter en veeeldig god natts søvn våknet jeg godt uthvilt og tuslet ned trappen. Guttene lo litt av meg som hadde sovet helt til 11:30, og at jeg ikke fikk frokost, men måtte hoppe rett på lunsjen. Og det var jo helt greit for meg det. Vi hadde egentlig planlagt en stor utedag, men vi våknet til regn, og da ble den store planen modifisert litt. Vi hang litt rundt i hagen, spilte litt fotball, guttene og jeg så på harry Potter 3, og vi bare slang litt rundt. Veldig deilig med en helt effortless dag, for å si det rett ut. Jeg og Rachael drakk utallige kopper med te (det er det eneste som er litt farlig med å bli god venninne med en irsk dame; man blir teoholiker!) og praten gikk om både løst og fast. Rachael og jeg lagde middag sammen, mens vi pratet og lo, og til slutt ble guttene litt irritert på oss fordi at vi lo så høyt på kjøkkenet at de ikke hørte hva de sa på tv'en. Så da fikk vi nesten streng beskjed om å dempe oss. Middagen var en kjempe-suksess, og vi hadde det veldig koselig. Etter middag så Rachael og jeg på nyhetene, før jeg rundt halv ti tuslet tilbake hit. Nå har jeg pusset tenner, pakket vesken min for morgendagen og franskkurs, og ligger i sengen, klar for et par episoder av Sex and the city. Mmmmmmh, herlig!

Håper deres helg har vært like laidback som min!
frenchie <3